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MontrealTheatreHub.com is a labour of love – a profound love for the stage arts and for the extraordinary individuals who also share an adoration and respect towards the craft.

The idea for the site thus came from the desire to stitch even closer together the tight-knit tribe of Montreal theatre aficionados and create a digital platform for artists, production companies, presenters, arts organizations, and other industry professionals to promote their work among a highly targeted audience.

Suggestively named, the Hub was conceived to be a centralized source of information and resources for members of the local performing arts community at large, serving as an independent newscast, a comprehensive guide, and a loving home for us to unapologetically discuss all things theatre around town.

Collaboration, connection, and cooperation are at the heart of the Hub; we’re here to shine a light on the creative individuals that ignite stages across Montreal and contribute towards the cultural development of our vibrant city. Our mission resides not only in strengthening the ties among existing members of the community, but in reaching and inspiring new audiences to awaken to the magic of the theatre.

This site is a love letter to each and every single one of you and I hope you find in it a source of excitement, education, and enlightenment.

All my love!

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Camila Fitzgibbon
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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