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Festival de la Bête Noire

February 17 - March 15

Le Festival de la Bête Noire Festival, Montreal’s premier Horror Theatre Festival, is back for its third edition from February 17–March 15 – this time, digitally!

Encompassing anything and everything gore, thriller, murder mystery, magic, monster, paranormal, and slasher, the city’s spookiest performance fest features acts of creepy puppetry, macabre dance, horror burlesque, storytelling, Grand Guignol stage plays, spooky cabaret, sideshows and more.

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Only Footprints

Presented by: Home Theatre Productions
Written & Directed by: Steven Greenwood
Produced by: Cheyenne Cranston

In this interactive, choose-your-own adventure experience, you will solve puzzles and make hard choices as you flee a bloodthirsty killer who is chasing you through a series of terrifying settings. With many paths to death, and just a few paths to survival, do you have what it takes to escape?


Presented & Choreographed by: Dark Felina

You are here to pay a last tribute to the one I was. An empty soul in search of happiness… I searched for a long time… and he found me. Through a burlesque fusion act, see my new life filled with power, bloody pleasure, desires finally satisfied.

Mystery, Love, and Murder

Presented by: Thorn Hill Manor Tales
Written by: Gene Baker
Directed by: Michael Archuleta
Produced by: Eugene C. McLean Jr.

Harley Baldwin has a gift, a strange and wonderful and, at times, terrifying gift. When Harley and her mother move into the notorious Hale House with the intent of restoring it, Harley finds the journal of a horribly abused boy named Edwin Hale. Contained within the pages of the diary are dark secrets and a mystery left unsolved for over half a century. Soon those entries are crawling off the pages and into the present day. With the help of her friends and mother, can Harley put the pieces of the puzzle together before the evils of the past destroy her present?


Presented by Mad Paradox
Written by: Jeroen Linderman
Directed by: Marissa Blair

A man, struggling with mental health issues, makes a digital suicide note.


Presented by: The Malicious Basement
Written and Produced by: Xander Barth
Directed by: Marissa Blair

Between repetition and love, 1 wishes to learn, 2 wishes to teach. Mother Bliss keeps them together despite themselves. Nothing exists outside the apartment. A darkly absurdist journey into a moment of entrapment, as the “New Normal” turns inwards against ourselves. Wretch is an intimate piece experimenting within the bounds of Theatre Cruelty, partially inspired by the works of Mark Ravenhill and Sarah Kane.

Red Paper

Presented by: The Malicious Basement
Written and Produced by: Xander Barth
Directed by: Bruce Lambie

Red Paper is a horror comedy abundant in toilet humor, pandemic fueled despondency and human-spirit relations. Steeped in Japanese Folklore, this play asks the audience: Blue Paper, or Red Paper?

The Peony Lantern (Botan Dōrō)

Presented by: Yokohama Theatre Group
Directed by: Andrew Woolner

Yokohama, Japan, 1912. A man with a secret arrives during the annual festival of the dead. He falls in love with a young woman who may also be more than she appears.“The Peony Lantern” is a multimedia performance staged in the World Peace Theatre in Kawasaki, Japan.

The Witch Among Us

Presented by: Latino Theatre Initiative
Written by: Francisco Garza Rincones
Directed by: Carolina Pérez Jaber
Produced by: Eric Wiley

A Mexican witch hunter with a troubled past arrives in South Texas to investigate the disappearances of unbaptized babies. Helped by a terrified local who has seen the owl-witch suspected of the crimes, the hunter embarks on a hunt from hell.


Written and Co-Directed by: Bianca Folgar & Straton Rushing

When two strangers wake up, chained next to each other in a shed, they have to piece together why and how. Their captor, a masked man who calls himself “Rif”, offers no answers. They soon discover why they were chosen, and the only way they can survive.

The SerVant’s Rock ‘n Roll Spook Show

Presented by: Thanato Films
Performed by: The SerVants

The SerVant’s terrifying cinematic universe comes to life for one special evening. Old songs, new songs, blood, guts, and more. Brace yourself, boys and ghouls, for a spooky rock & roll show!

Bump in the Night

Presented by: Centralcasting Audio Dramas
Written by: Will Anderson

On a dark and stormy night an elderly couple is awoken by a series of mysterious noises…

Ils Me Visitent la Nuit

Presented by: Les Choreutes Théâtre
Written & Directed by: Neph Frank

MATERNEL: A new single mom moves in with her mother. The latter helps out with the newborn but is she trying to replace the former?

AFTERBIRTH: A sequestered woman miscarries. She buries the foetus next to her, trying to bring it back to life, whether through love or guilt.

KISS: A kiss that takes their breath away. Literally


Presented by: Heart of Gold Productions
Written by: Darragh Kilkenny-Mondoux

A father-daughter vampire story.

Poe in the Snow

Presented by: Quagmire Productions

“Poe in the Snow” is a selection of short adaptations of the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Performed in four parts by an ensemble cast from across the globe.

Friday the 13th Hour

Presented by: Handy Kaufman

Each night from Feb 17 to 21, host Handy and Kandy will interview performers and team members, do some trivia, play some games, give away prizes and more… all live streamed right to your screen.

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