Upcoming Openings Fall 2018

Here’s our handy “cheat sheet” of which shows are opening when this 2018 Fall Season in Montreal English theatre! (To see the full calendar or to search through events with our advanced filters, visit the CALENDAR page.)

Professional Productions

SEP 03 – SEP 09Ladyfest (Ladyfest Montreal) 
SEP 06 – SEP 08Jay Cutler in Shadows (Jay Cutler) 
SEP 06 – SEP 09:Symbiosis (Steal the Void Theatre)
SEP 07 – SEP 09:Shakespeare in the Ruelles (Shakespeare in the Ruelles)
SEP 07 – SEP 09:Any Night (Kerosene Theatre)
SEP 10 – SEP 15:Crying in Public (Crying in Public Project)
SEP 12 – SEP 16Montreal Clown Festival (Le Festival des Clowns) 
SEP 15 – SEP 22Rigoletto (Opéra de Montréal)
SEP 19 – SEP 22Eve 2050 (Van Grimde Corps Secrets)
SEP 20 – SEP 23The Unit – Cohort 2 (Infinithéàtre)
SEP 24 – SEP 28:Youngnesse (Projets Hybris)
SEP 25 – SEP 29:Giselle (The Dance Factory)
SEP 27 – OCT 06:The Domestic Crusaders (The Silk Road Institute)
SEP 28 – SEP 30:Balconville (Centaur Theatre)
OCT 03 – OCT 06:Dance Side of the Moon (Helen Simard)
OCT 03 – OCT 14:Sound of the Beast (Black Theatre Workshop)
OCT 04 – OCT 14:Lady Chatterley’s Lover (Les Grands Ballets)
OCT 05:Don’t Read the Comments (Sermo Scomber)
OCT 05 – OCT 07:4’33” in Baghdad (Thought Experiment Productions)
OCT 07 – OCT 28:Once (Segal Centre)
OCT 09 – OCT 28:Choir Boy (Centaur Theatre)
OCT 10 – OCT 14:Machine de Cirque (Machine de Cirque)
OCT 10 – OCT 19:Le Cid (Daniel Plante)
OCT 11 – OCT 13:Shakespière (Alain Mercleca)
OCT 11 – OCT 13:The Mad House (Scream Dance Project)
OCT 12 – OCT 20:Phénomena Festival (Les Filles Électriques)
OCT 16 – OCT 20:L’un L’autre (Lafortune/Rousseau-Morin)
OCT 17 – OCT 20:SuperSuper (Line Nault)
OCT 18 – OCT 28:La Somnambule (Cabal Theatre)
OCT 22 – OCT 27:Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Infinithéâtre/McGill)
OCT 24 – OCT 25:Hot Bodies (Gerald Kurdian)
OCT 24 – OCT 27:Ground (Montreal Danse/Lorganisme)
OCT 24 – OCT 28:Words With Will (Repercussion/Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal)
OCT 25 – NOV 04:Other People’s Children (Imago Theatre)
OCT 29 – NOV 06:Hidden Paradise (Alix Dufresne/Marc Béland)
OCT 31 – NOV 03:Grandes Dames (Gauthier Dance)
NOV 03 – NOV 18:Birthmark (Teesri Duniya Theatre)
NOV 06 – NOV 25:The Children (Centaur Theatre)
NOV 07 – NOV 10:Territoires (Lucie Grégoire Danse)
NOV 07 – NOV 18:Glengarry Glen Ross (Acts to Grind Theatre)
NOV 10:Get Off My Chest! (Sipo Matador Productions) 
NOV 10 – NOV 17:Das Rheingold (Opéra de Montréal) 
NOV 10 – NOV 17:The Assembly (Porte Parole) 
NOV 11 – NOV 18:Les Coups de Théâtre Festival (Les Coups de Théâtre)
NOV 12 – NOV 14:The Nutcracker (Maria Kefirova)
NOV 13 – NOV 15:Nordicité (Théâtre Incliné/Nordland Visual Theatre)
NOV 13 – NOV 17:Ghost (Tentacle Tribe)
NOV 14 – NOV 17:Hotel (Cirque Éloize)
NOV 14 – NOV 22:Hedwig and the Angry Inch (In The Wings Promotions)
NOV 14 – NOV 25:Passagers (Les 7 Doigts de la main)
NOV 15 – NOV 17:bang bang (Manuel Roque)
NOV 15 – NOV 24:The Tashme Project: The Living Archives (Tashme Productions)
NOV 18 – DEC 09:A Doll’s House, Part 2 (Segal Centre)
NOV 21 – NOV 24:The Mountain, The Truth & The Paradise (Mal Pelo)
NOV 21 – DEC 02:Gratitude (Hyper-Allergenic Productions/MainLine Theatre)
NOV 22 – DEC 01:Normal Desires (Danse-Cité)
NOV 23 – NOV 24:Wamunzo (Compagnie Danse Nyata-Nyata)
NOV 27 – NOV 30:The Kissing Game (Youtheatre)
NOV 28 – DEC 01:De la glorieuse fragilité (Danse K par K)
NOV 29 – DEC 02:Lévriers (Sophie Gee)
NOV 29:Louise Pitre: From Paris to Broadway (The Segal Centre)
NOV 30 – DEC 02:The Pipeline (Infinithéâtre)
DEC 04 – DEC 08:Les 24 Préludes de Chopin (Compagnie Marie Chouinard)
DEC 04 – DEC 16:Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story (Segal/NAC/2b theatre/Fringe)
DEC 05 – DEC 09:Attabler (La 2e Porte à Gauche)
DEC 05 – DEC 08:Vraiment Doucement (Groupe Rubberbandance)
DEC 07:Cain & Abel (The Biting School)
DEC 07 – DEC 15:Urban Tales #12 (Centaur Theatre)
DEC 13 – DEC 30:The Nutcracker (Les Grands Ballets)
DEC 14 – DEC 16:Schwartz’s: The Musical (Centaur Theatre)
DEC 19 – DEC 30:Corteo (Cirque du Soleil)

Community Theatre

SEP 22:Spellbound: An Enchanting Musical Revue (7 Wonders Theatre)
OCT 05:Six Degrees of Broadway Separation (Full Circle Productions)
OCT 11 – OCT 20:The Sweetest Swing in Baseball (Tuesday Night Café Theatre)
OCT 14 – OCT 21:A Bintel Brief (Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre/Segal)                  
OCT 18 – OCT 31:The Rocky Horror Show (MainLine Theatre)
OCT 18 – OCT 28:Abigail/1702 (Persephone Productions)                  
NOV 08 – NOV 17:The Miracle Worker (Lakeshore Players Dorval)                  
NOV 08 – NOV 18:Fessenden Follies (Clock Master Productions)
NOV 09 – NOV 17:All the King’s Women (PSC Community Theatre)
NOV 13 – NOV 24:Mamma Mia! (NUVO Musical Theatre)
NOV 15 – NOV 24:No Exit (Tuesday Night Café Theatre)
NOV 21 – DEC 01:Arcadia (Players’ Theatre)
DEC 06 – DEC 09:Candlelight Christmas (Lyric Theatre Singers)
DEC 14 – DEC 15:Show Off (WISTA – West Island Theatre Association)
DEC 14 – JAN 06:Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Hudson Village Theatre)

Training Institutions

SEP 19 – SEP 22:Blue Stockings (Dawson Theatre)
SEP 30:Monumental Occupation (National Theatre School of Canada)
OCT 03 – OCT 06:Picturesque: Voices from Beaver Hall (Dawson Theatre)
OCT 15 – OCT 20:We Came From Dust (National Theatre School of Canada)
OCT 23 – OCT 27:Almost, Maine (John Abbott Theatre Workshop)
NOV 07 – NOV 11:Animals in Paradise (Concordia University Department of Theatre)
NOV 13 – NOV 24:The Taming (Shaming?) of The Shrew (True?) (Dawson Theatre)
NOV 21 – NOV 30:The Birds (McGill Department of English – Drama & Theatre) 
DEC 06 – DEC 15:The Decalogue Project (John Abbott Professional Theatre) 
DEC 10 – DEC 15:7 Stories by Morris Panych (National Theatre School of Canada) 
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