2019 Openings

Here’s our handy “cheat sheet” of which shows open and close when this upcoming fall/winter season in Montreal English* theatre!

*Listed productions are either presented in English or are bilingual, surtitled, or non-verbal productions accessible to anglophone audiences.

Professional Theatre

SEP 04 – SEP 22:Un rendez-vous au-delà du visuel (Audrey-Anne Bouchard)
SEP 07:Confabulation (Confabulation)
SEP 08 – SEP 29:The Pianist of Willesden Lane (Segal Centre)
SEP 10 – OCT 12:The Chain (MagJusJen Entertainment)
SEP 12 – SEP 15:[Title of Show] (Home Theatre Productions)
SEP 13 – SEP 15:Otto & Astrid’s Canadian One Night Stand (Die Roten Punkte)
SEP 14:Hamster (Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal)
SEP 14 – SEP 22:Eugene Onegin (L’Opéra de Montréal)
SEP 16 – SEP 20:imaginationreality (Katie Ward)
SEP 17 – SEP 21:Danse Mutante (Mayday)
SEP 18 – SEP 22:MTL Clown Fest (Festival des Clowns de Montréal)
SEP 19 – SEP 28:The Parlour Project (The Wolf Lab)
SEP 19 – OCT 12:Spun (Silk Road Institute)
SEP 23:Cheech & Chong (Cheech & Chong)
SEP 23 – SEP 28:Antichambre (Lilith & Cie)
SEP 24 – SEP 29:Un Poyo Rojo (Alfonso Baron/Luciano Rosso)
SEP 26:Who Killed the Video Star? (Luigi Buffone Productions)
SEP 26 – OCT 01:Anima/Darkroom (Lucy May/7Starr)
SEP 27 – SEP 28:Cadavre (Jay Cutler Arts)
SEP 28:Trapped in Elon’s Mansion (Exclaim!)
SEP 28:A Voz do Morro (Coro Cênico Brasileiro)
SEP 28:Confabulation presents: Encore (Confabulation)
SEP 28 – DEC 28:Films in Focus (Montreal Improv)
OCT 02 – OCT 05:BJM Triple Bill (Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal)
OCT 02 – OCT 05:Make it a Musical (Stormbringer)
OCT 02 – OCT 12:Tabarnak (Cirque Alfonse)
OCT 03 – OCT 04:Is That How Clowns Keep You Up All Night? (Maximaliste)
OCT 03 – OCT 06:Honour: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan (Teesri Duniya)
OCT 03 – OCT 19:Carmina Burana and Stabat Mater (Les Grands Ballets)
OCT 04 – OCT 05:Suites Ténébreuses (Cas Public)
OCT 07 – OCT 11:Numain (Stéphane Crête)
OCT 08 – OCT 11:EVE 2050 (Van Grimde Corps Secrets)
OCT 09 – OCT 13:The Dream Project 3.0 (Yonder Window Theatre Company)
OCT 10:Your Life: The Musical (The Jazz Ands/Montreal Improv)
OCT 10 – OCT 13:Borderlines (Taoufiq Izeddiou)
OCT 15:Gametes (Talisman/Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal)
OCT 15 – OCT 18:Beside (Marie Béland)
OCT 15 – NOV 03:Alice and the World We Live In (Centaur Theatre)
OCT 16 – OCT 18:Kitchen Chicken (L’orchestre d’hommes-orchestre)
OCT 17 – OCT 27:Blue Stockings (Persephone Productions)
OCT 17 – NOV 02:The Rocky Horror Show (MainLine Theatre)
OCT 18 – OCT 19:Fa’addebhou li (4120.CORPS)
OCT 21:Black and Blue Matters (Black Theatre Workshop)
OCT 23 – NOV 02:Contre la suite du monde (La nuit / Le bruit)
OCT 23 – NOV 03:Billy Bishop Goes To War (Hudson Village Theatre)
OCT 24 – OCT 25:Jogging (Hanane Hajj Ali)
OCT 25:Something Scary? (Théâtre Ouest End)
OCT 25 – OCT 27:Fidelio (L’Opéra de Montréal)
OCT 27 – NOV 24:Mythic (Segal Centre)
OCT 29 – NOV 02:CUTLASS SPRING (Dana Michel)
OCT 30 – NOV 01:Split (Lucy Guerin)
OCT 30 – NOV 02:Spirit (Bangarra Dance Theatre)
OCT 30 – NOV 02:Carrion (Phasmahammer)
OCT 31:Spurt of Blood: Halloween (Marissa Blair)
NOV 01:Eco-Anxiety (Imago Theatre)
NOV 05 – NOV 10:Humans (Circa)
NOV 05 – NOV 16:Rendez-Vous Lakay (Black Theatre Workshop)
NOV 07 – NOV 09:Faith Hole (Nate Yaffe)
NOV 07 – NOV 17:The Pillowman (Snowglobe Theatre)
NOV 09 – NOV 17:Lucia di Lammermoor (L’Opéra de Montréal)
NOV 12:Bread and Puppet Theatre (Suoni Per Il Popolo)
NOV 13 – NOV 16:L’Encre Noire (La Tresse)
NOV 13 – NOV 30:All Flesh is Grass (The Other Theatre)
NOV 15 – NOV 24:Persephone Bound (Imago/Geordie/Screaming Goats Collective)
NOV 19:Danny Bhoy: Age of Fools (Just for Laughs)
NOV 19 – NOV 23:MAGNETIKAE (La Otra Orilla)
NOV 19 – NOV 23:Inside (Dimitris Papaioannou)
NOV 19 – DEC 15:Little Dickens (Ronnie Burkett)
NOV 20 – NOV 21:Taj Express: The Bollywood Musical Revue (Place des Arts)
NOV 20 – NOV 22:Drama: Pilot Episode (Supernova Productions)
NOV 21 – NOV 22:Menopause the Musical (Shaggypup Productions)
NOV 21 – NOV 24:Den of Thieves (Epic Productions)
NOV 21 – NOV 30:Going Up (Purple Divine)
NOV 26 – DEC 01:Come From Away (evenko/Broadway Across Canada)
NOV 26 – DEC 07:The Anorak (All and One Theatre)
NOV 27:UNFOLD | 7 perspectives (Le Carré des Lombes)
NOV 27 – NOV 29:Rather a Ditch (Clara Furey)
NOV 27 – NOV 30:Bygones (Out Innerspace Dance Theatre)
NOV 27 – DEC 08:Winter’s Daughter (Tableau D’Hôte Theatre)
NOV 27 – DEC 08:The Storyville Mosquito (Kid Koala)
NOV 28 – NOV 29:Fear and Greed (Frédérick Gravel)
NOV 28 – NOV 30:Real’s fiction\dissonant_pleasures (Benjamin Kamino)
DEC 03 – DEC 04:Cosmic Love (Clara Furey)
DEC 04 – DEC 07:Frontera (Animals of Distinction)
DEC 05 – DEC 08:Late Night Double Feature (Home Theatre Productions)
DEC 05 – DEC 08:The Pipeline 2019 (Infinithéâtre)
DEC 05 – DEC 08:MAD | Motions and Dynamics (Forward Movements/Lux100)
DEC 07:The December Man (Imago Theatre)
DEC 07:Die Hard: A Live Staged Reading (MainLine Theatre)
DEC 10 – DEC 11:Get It Off My Chest! Appropriation. (Sipo Matador Theatre)
DEC 10 – DEC 14:Intérieurs (Caroline Laurin-Beaucage)
DEC 10 – DEC 15Dark Red + Cry Baby (Black Theatre Workshop)
DEC 10 – DEC 15Late Company (d2 productions)
DEC 12 – DEC 30:The Nutcracker (Les Grands Ballets)
DEC 13:The Box (Plateau Astro)
DEC 14:Richard the Second (Edward Yankie)
DEC 14:Dishonour on Your Cow (Silvi Santoso)
DEC 15:Champions of Magic (RIP Productions)
DEC 17 – JAN 05:Blizzard (FLIP Fabrique)
DEC 19 – DEC 29:Axel (Cirque du Soleil)

Community Theatre

SEP 06 – SEP 08:Bonnie & Clyde (Contact Theatre)
SEP 11:7 Wonders Cabaret Fundraiser (7 Wonders Theatre)
OCT 10 – OCT 19:Ti-Jean And His Brothers (TNC Theatre)
NOV 07 – NOV 16:The Silver Mask (PSC Community Theatre)
NOV 14 – NOV 23:Nunsense: The Musical (Lakeshore Players Dorval)
NOV 14 – NOV 23:Rant Collective (Tuesday Night Café Theatre)
NOV 16:Joseph: A Christmas Choral Story (Spectrum Voices)
NOV 21 – NOV 24:A Doll’s House (Players’ Theatre)
NOV 22 – NOV 30:Maîtres Chez Nous (Theatre Wakefield)
NOV 28 – DEC 01:The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? (Players’ Theatre)
DEC 05 – DEC 08:Candlelight Christmas (The Lyric Theatre Singers)
DEC 06 – DEC 07:It’s a Wonderful Life (Geordie Theatre)
DEC 07:Musical Moments of Joy (Montreal West-End Operatic Society)
DEC 12 – DEC 17:An Evening of Fowl Play (Dramatis Personae)
DEC 13 – JAN 05:Treasure Island Panto (Hudson Village Theatre)
DEC 15:A Christmas Carol (Theatre Wakefield)
DEC 15 – DEC 18:Musicals & Mistletoe (Full Circle Productions)

Student Theatre

SEP 18 – SEP 21:Living Out (Dawson College Professional Theatre)
SEP 28:Monumental Occupation (National Theatre School of Canada)
OCT 02 – OCT 05:Suzy Storck (Dawson College Professional Theatre)
OCT 21 – OCT 26:Indra’s Web (National Theatre School of Canada)
OCT 22 – OCT 26:Innocence Lost (John Abbott Theatre Workshop)
NOV 06 – NOV 10:Short Works Festival (Concordia Department of Theatre)
NOV 11 – NOV 23:The Bad Hamlet (Dawson Professional Theatre)
NOV 20 – NOV 29:A History of Breathing (McGill Dept. of English Drama & Theatre)
NOV 19 – NOV 24:Il Campiello (Concordia Department of Theatre)
DEC 05 – DEC 14:Peter and the Starcatcher (John Abbott Professional Theatre)
DEC 09 – DEC 14:Burning Vision (National Theatre School of Canada)
DEC 13 – DEC 15:The Rimers of Eldritch (John Abbott Professional Theatre)

Wish to correct a listing above or are you aware of an upcoming production that has not yet been listed? Send us an email at info@montrealtheatrehub.com