Review: Circa: Not your average “Humans”

November 6, 2019

Australian circus performance company Circa takes us through the full spectrum of the human experience in “Humans”. Under the expert direction of Yaron Lifschitz, ten extraordinary acrobats/contortionists/aerial artists/stuntpersons showcase the very best of the human […]

Fringe Review: “BLINDSIDE”: a one-eyed triumph

June 9, 2019

Drop whatever you are doing and go see Stephanie Morin-Robert’s “BLINDSIDE” right this instant! This hilarious and touching autobiography about navigating through childhood with a glass eye is extraordinary in every aspect, a guaranteed Fringe […]

Fringe Review: “Aquaphonie!”: a splash of pure joy

June 1, 2019

Toxique Trottoir’s“Aquaphonie!” is a charming water-themed non-verbal clown show created for children but just as fun for grown-ups. Three clowns ride in on a cool bike that vaguely looks like a discarded submarine. They seem […]

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