Job Posting: McGill University Course Lecturer – Drama Education

Application Deadline: June 16, 2021

​Number of positions available: 1
Posting Period: June 1, 2021 to June 15, 2021 (inclusive)
Deadline to Apply: June 16, 2021
Location: McGill University Education Building
Hiring Unit: Department of Integrated Studies in Education
Course Title: EDEA 342-003/004
Subject Code: C & I in Drama Education
Pedagogical theory and practical applications in the teaching of developmental drama, dramatic forms, improvisation and theatre arts

Teaching Qualification Requirements:


  • Master’s degree (In exceptional circumstances applicants without a Master’s degree but with significant research or professional experience related to the course content may be considered)
  • Teaching degree or equivalent


  • Degree in Drama Education or equivalent
  • Experience teaching drama in elementary and/or secondary schools
  • Expert knowledge of theory and practical applications in the teaching of developmental drama, dramatic forms, improvisation and theatre arts
  • Knowledge of the Quebec Education Program (QEP) and related documents
  • Familiarity with the 12 professional competencies specified by the Ministère de l’Éducation
  • Experience teaching in the Quebec elementary school system an asset
  • Previous successful experience teaching similar course(s) to pre-service teachers an asset


  • Commitment to working with a team of committed and engaged instructors
  • Must be available to attend course coordination and planning meeting minimum of 2 weeks in advance of course start date

Please note that given the planned resumption of in-person teaching activities, most courses will be taught in person. Exams may however need to be administered remotely depending, mainly on the size of the class. Course Lecturers will be required to plan accordingly. Should government restrictions prohibit the resumption of in person teaching, courses will revert to remote teaching. In the event of such a change, Course Lecturers will be advised without delay. Course Lecturers may be required to prepare and deliver teaching material suited to a remote/online teaching environment using a virtual learning platform [e.g., Zoom, WebEx] and the McGill myCourses learning management system. Training and assistance on remote teaching is available through Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) . Course Lecturers are encouraged to record their lectures.

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