La Chapelle presents ‘BRIGHT WORMS’ premiere April 26-30

Louise Michel Jackson and Magali Babin present new choreographic work

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Montreal, Thursday April 1st, 2021 – La Chapelle is pleased to present Bright Worms by Louise Michel Jackson and Magali Babin, premiering on Monday, April 26 at 7:00 pm. This is Jackson’s second choreographic work, which has been evolving and refining for two and a half years, despite a first creation phase presented back in 2019 as part of the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival. This project brings together for the first time the visceral bodywork of Louise Michel Jackson, choreographer and contemporary dancer, and the textured atmospheres of Magali Babin, a multidisciplinary sound artist which main interest lies with space perceived as matter. This collaboration gives birth to a scenic UFO, alternating between a sci-fi aesthetic and a rural environment. A performance in which light is at the scenography’s heart and which finally asks the question: how does the human being generates its own light?

Bright Worms is Jackson’s second choreographic project, but the first one she carries alone. Here, for the first time, she is involved in all of the creation’s steps, except for the sound aspect, which is left in Babin’s skilled hands. She leaves us with this enigmatic quote from Georges Bataille as a sneak peek: ”To create something like a collision between the immense space of the present time misfortunes and the infinitely narrow place of luck and luminous laughter”. 

Jackson’s visual and bodily practice meets Babin’s sound art in a low-fi performative world of abysmal colors and iridescent surfaces. This sensory laboratory celebrates bioluminescence and explores the need for humans to generate their own light. It summons the importance of glimmers of light, like the fragile and intermittent visibility of fireflies followed by resilience, like the jellyfish’s hypersensitivity and indestructibility. Textures, materials, reflections and distortions create a dreamlike and welcoming microcosm. Bright Worms fluctuates between the infinitesimal and the colossal revealing the intimate’s scope.

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Co-production: La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Choreography, performance, scenography and video: Louise Michel Jackson with the collaboration of the entire team; Sound design and performance: Magali Babin; Lighting design: Jon Cleveland with the collaboration of Louise Michel Jackson; Technical director: Jon Cleveland; Outside eye – Dramaturgy: Ellen Furey; Movement advisor: Caroline Gravel; Video advisor: Kim Sanh Chau; Catalyst of movement and outside eye: Lara Oundjian; Sound advisor: Nancy Tobin; Catalysts of movement: Justin de Luna, Victor Dumont.

3700 Saint-Dominique, Mtl.
514 843-7738

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