Van Grimde Corps Secrets presents the virtual exhibition “Embodiment 2”

Presented online from April 8 to May 8, 2021

The dance company Van Grimde Corps Secrets is presenting Embodiment 2, an exhibition featuring The Birth of the World, a film by Brad Necyk and Gary James Joynes, as well as EVE 2050: The Web Series by Van Grimde Corps Secrets and DAVAI. The exhibition will be available online from April 8 to May 8, 2021.

A tradition of exchanges

Since the early 2000s, Van Grimde Corps Secrets has engaged in collaborative work with other arts and artists, and also with scientists from diverse disciplines. The goal was not only to expand the research on the body conducted by choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde, but to break the solitude of artists in their practices and to move towards a transdisciplinary approach. In 2015, Van Grimde Corps Secrets began sharing with its collaborating artists the scientific research documents underlying the EVE 2050 triptych. The Embodiment exhibitions were designed to disseminate the works arising from this research, and to place them in a dialogue with each other.

Embodiment 2 

After Embodiment, presented last year at the Espace Corps Secrets, Embodiment 2 will immerse visitors in a platform that sets up this dialogue with the breathtaking images from the film.

EVE 2050: The Web Series follows the journey of EVE, a symbolic character with a thousand and one faces and forms. Through dance and cinematography, each episode explores the diversity of bodies in the near future: purely Homo sapiens bodies, hybrids or machine fusions, as well as the new rituals of birth and death associated with this diverse society.

The Birth of the World draws its inspiration from the scientific and artistic research behind the EVE 2050 triptych, incorporating unreleased rushes from EVE 2050: The Web Series and motion capture images created by Van Grimde Corps Secrets for a virtual reality prototype. Inserted within the powerful audio-visual aesthetic of the two creators, these images take on a whole new dimension.

“The integration of the web series into The Birth of the World goes farther than we have ever gone in our exchanges with other artists; EVE 2050 is transposed into another dimension, another temporal realm. It is both disturbing and enriching to see EVE 2050 through the eyes of Brad Necyk and Gary James Joynes, and to see the connections woven between the two works. The force of their worlds and aesthetics is unleashed in dazzling fashion.” 

– Isabelle Van Grimde, Choreographer & Artistic Director of Van Grimde Corps Secrets, and Exhibition Curator
“My work drew on the subject matter of EVE 2050: The Web Series and the movement within it, in order to create a story of evolution, of confrontation, of healing. Central to all my works, both academic and artistic, this notion of healing is guided by the power of meditation. The Birth of the World thus begins somewhere in the future. Time passes and passes as we witness the birth of a new world. Two survivors connect, attempt to heal themselves, alone in this new world.”

– Brad Necyk

About Brad Necyk
Brad Necyk is a Canadian digital media artist and author with a PhD in psychiatry, whose practice focuses on empathy, consciousness and human flourishing. For his doctoral research he was awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal. He is currently a Research Associate at the Earth Futures Institute and the Department of Film & Digital Media of the University of California, Santa Cruz. His work and films have been shown across Canada and abroad, and his first book, ALL SKY, MIRROR OCEAN: A Healing Manifesto, will be published later this year.

About Gary James Joynes
Gary James Joynes (aka Clinker) is an award-winning visual and sound artist who has performed live audiovisual works at international events for many years. He blends the beauty and physicality of auditory and visual elements in Live Cinema AV performances, and in rigorous, emotional photo and video installations. In recent years he has also composed sound and music for avant-garde films and contemporary dance productions.

About Van Grimde Corps Secrets
With a transdisciplinary approach to the dancing body, the research and creations of Van Grimde Corps Secrets are enriched by contributions from a variety of disciplines, presenting a plural vision of the body, anchored in its time. Cutting-edge research in pure, social and human sciences is interwoven with concepts from theatre, music and literature in a constantly renewed dialogue with dance. This approach has led Isabelle Van Grimde to collaborate with artists and researchers from diverse backgrounds and to integrate digital technologies in the creation, production and dissemination of her works. The result is a wide range of artistic proposals that reimagine and reconfigure dance. Stage works, choreographic concerts, installations, performances, publications and web-interactive works—all are part of the repertoire of Van Grimde Corps Secrets.

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