Review | “En Pointe” Episode 9: L’histoire, l’avenir


Cat Lemieux, Amir Sám Nakhjavani, France Rolland, Devon Hardy, and Ryan Bommarito in Episode 9 of En Pointe (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Turner)

In the ninth and very last episode of Tableau D’Hôte Theatre‘s En Pointe, the series picks up from the previous episode with Yvette as the audience attends her daughter Paule’s history lecture-barbecue-party about the Pointe St-Charles. Paule is eager to receive her neighbours for the event, but nobody shows up. Just as she’s about to disappointedly give up waiting and put the food platters away, a familiar face is seen. As quickly as Sandy passes by, however, she leaves Paule alone again. Then Eliza shows up. A first real party guest. Paule’s eyes light up as she begins to talk, even for an audience of one, about her beloved neighbourhood and its history. Soon enough, more familiar characters from the series one by one return to appear: her mother Yvette, Sandy, Dimitri, Alejandra, Leopold, Vincent, and several others from previous episodes, for a group celebration of the Pointe.

Ryan Bommarito, Devon Hardy and Cat Lemieux in En Pointe (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Turner)

The series comes to a touching end with a nice little tie-up tribute to the neighbourhood upon which all of the nine short plays have been inspired by. Cat Lemieux in particular does a wonderful job in the final episode in bringing humour and heart to Paule. We really feel for the character’s loneliness and passion and genuine care for the Pointe and its people. I am not a Pointe-St-Charles resident, but I have really come to find a new appreciation for this part of my city of Montreal that I didn’t know much about before, and to understand the gentrification issues and history of conflict that it has experienced. En Pointe has been beautiful way of getting to know a community and to be surrounded by it in a difficult time of isolation this year.

There is talk that the series may return next summer, but in any case, it was at least nice to have experienced some great Canadian-made theatre this season. En Pointe has been lucky in that they just finished presenting the live shows right as the Québec government shut down theatres again for 28 days this October, but other productions have not been so fortunate. It is a shame given the length that companies have gone through to make these events safe for artists and audiences during the pandemic. Hopefully we can all come together again as a community soon.

The cast of En Pointe (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Turner)

Editor’s note: Tableau D’Hôte Theatre’s En Pointe ran for 9 performances from August 6th to September 27th, 2020 across Pointe-Saint-Charles. Although the live shows have closed, audiences can still watch all episodes from the series as the 9 plays have been recorded on film and adapted to a graphic novel, all of which are available for viewing from the company’s website.

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