Centaur Theatre develops original plays and projects with “New Work @ Centaur”

Montreal company to host creative residency and play reading this season.

Montreal, September 17, 2020 – Though not the usual season, audiences can count on a plethora of new and exciting activities at the Centaur Theatre Company this year. While the Portico Project raves on outdoors at, inside New Work @ Centaur takes shape in the form of a creative residency around Centaur’s first collaboration with the Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui (CTD’A), Cyclorama.

An innovative new play written by Laurence Dauphinais, Cyclorama explores Montreal’s dynamic French and English theatre histories. The documentary co-production originally scheduled to open both theatres’ seasons this month has been postponed until August of 2021. The unexpected additional time and formation of the residency allows the creative team to delve more deeply into Montreal’s fascinating bifurcated theatre scene.

“Cyclorama is a project that I am so passionate about. It’s a bold look at Montreal’s two solitudes through a wild theatrical lens … as revolutionary at this moment as Balconville was in 1979! It’s inspiring to partner with [Artistic Director] Sylvain Belanger and the [Centre du] Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui team in the creation of this important new work. This exciting project maps out the separate paths that led us here, but more importantly it points to a new, more integrated and inclusive future for culture in Montreal.”

– Eda Holmes, Centaur Theatre Artistic & Executive Director

Laurence Dauphinais, a French-speaking Quebec theatre maker, works regularly with Francophone and Anglophone artists and asks herself why these two communities seem to ignore each other. With the support of collaborators on both sides of the language barrier, following a meticulous research protocol, Laurence delves into the history of Montreal theatre and its audiences, to take spectators on an unprecedented journey through the city, time and space.

The Cole Foundation is a key supporter of this unique project. Barry Cole, the foundation’s Chairman and President, expressed his pleasure with the rising trend of collaborations between French and English companies, saying, “It’s clear that the Cole Foundation’s Intercultural Conversations/Conversations Interculturelles has a profound resonance with Quebec theatre companies, fostering their desire to explore Quebec’s distinct diversity.”

Also in the works at Centaur is the development of At the Beginning of Time, a brand new Steve Galluccio script, (Mambo ItalianoThe St. Leonard Chronicles), an event sure to enliven Centaur audiences. Ms. Holmes explained, “It is always thrilling to have the chance to discover a new play in progress from an established Montreal writer and At the Beginning of Time is no exception. We have been working closely with Steve to prepare his latest creation for its first public reading, an exciting phase in the development of a script from this beloved Centaur playwright.”

The date of the public reading will be revealed at the beginning of October. 

For more information, visit https://centaurtheatre.com/new-work-centaur/.

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