Audition Notice: McGill Classics Play present “Truculentus”

Contemporary production of Plautus classic to premiere virtually in 2021

McGill Classics Play is holding a casting call for their upcoming production of Truculentus by Plautus, which will premiere virtually in February/March of 2021.


The production in inviting Montreal based actors and would-be actors of all skill levels to prepare a one minute contemporary comedic monologue (or anything else that can show off your talent).

Sign up for a virtual audition slot here:

Please note this is a non-union, unpaid production


Phronesium is a prostitute running her own high-class brothel in the heart of Athens. As she systematically extracts wealth from the men who frequent her estate, Phronesium explores increasingly unscrupulous ploys to earn a living. Phronesium is cunning and remorseless; why shouldn’t she be? Far from extorting by force, she strategically accepts the gifts offered to her, allowing her suitors to believe they can sway her affection.

In this production, Phronesium and Astaphium, originally courtesans living in a brothel, are reimagined as friends sharing a flat who make a living as streamers earning donations from the men who frequent their streams. In a modern world, Phronesium has a webcam, an Amazon wishlist, and a carefully crafted online persona. She hones her techniques for eliciting worship from ‘Nice Guys’ who erroneously believe that the fastest way to a woman’s heart is by emptying their wallets.

McGill Classics’ production of Plautus’ Truculentus captures the intricacies of the parasocial bond formed between streamers and their patrons. The audience plays the voyeur as we blend the boundaries between spectator and character.

Cast of Characters:

Phronesium, a Courtesan
Astaphium, Maid to Phronesium
Diniarchus, Patron to Phronesium
Cyamus, Cook of Diniarchus
Strabax, Neighbour of Phronesium
Truculentus, Slave of Strabax
Stratophanes, a Soldier
Callicles, a Merchant
Maid, Slave of Callicles
Syra, Slave of Callicles

For any questions, contact McGill Classics Play at

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