Review | “En Pointe” Episode 6: Lost Cat


France Rolland, Cat Lemieux, and Ryan Bommarito in En Pointe (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Turner)

Audiences in Montreal are in for a treat this summer as the Tableau D’Hôte Theatre company presents its new series of street theatre, a bilingual, socially-distanced production inspired by pandemic life in the neighbourhood of Pointe-St-Charles.

In Episode 6 of En Pointe, Dimitri (Ryan Bommarito) has lost his cat, Ash, and the neighbourhood has rallied together to help him find her. Flyers around the Pointe and posts on social media describing the missing pet have mobilized neighbours to join the search party. On the volunteer squad are Paule and her mother Yvette (Cat Lemieux and France Rolland), community activist Alejandra (Anne-Marie Saheb), real estate agent Tania (Anna-Beaupré Moulanda), and Dimitri’s love interest Sandy (Devon Hardy). Soon enough, a phone call bears news on Ash’s whereabouts.

Ryan Bommarito and Devon Hardy in En Pointe (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Turner)

The breezy 15-minute play provided for some light fun as we watched these quirky characters – all recognizable from previous episodes in the series – interact with the charmingly anxious and cat-obsessed Dimitri. I particularly enjoyed the energy and presence of Paule and Yvette and would have liked to see much more of them (from the show credits, fortunately it looks like they’ll still be making appearances in upcoming episodes). The Montreal mix of English and French and language as a communication barrier also worked really well here as a source of comedy, but it also showed what can be done in the resolve to work through our differences. Above all, the episode was a heartwarming reminder of the power of community during this time.

Episode #7 takes place on Thursday, September 10th at 6pm. From what we were told, the performance may be closed off to a very limited audience of 20 people due to the restrictions of the space. Stay tuned to the company’s social media to be among the first to reserve a spot.

Tableau D’Hôte Theatre’s En Pointe runs for 9 performances from August 6th to September 27th, 2020 across Pointe-Saint-Charles. Free admission. Every show is presented at a different location, revealed on the day of performances. Bring a mask.

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