Call for Submissions: Teesri Duniya Theatre “Going Public” project

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual harassment and violence

Sexual harassment, sexual violence

Teesri Duniya Theatre is calling for victims and survivors of sexual harassment and/or violence to submit their stories to the Going Public project. Any level of desired anonymity will be absolutely respected.

Project description:

“Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, anywhere: at work, at home, in public spaces, schools, and so on. It happens to people regardless of their race, class, culture, gender and sexual orientation. It happens in a variety of ways, ranging from offensive jokes to physical assaults.

Many of us have, or know of someone who has, experienced sexual harassment in any of its various forms, but have remained silent because it’s safer, because of the stigma surrounding speaking out, and because of the lack of systemic support in our community.

It’s time for us to come together as a community, and to denounce this culture of violence and silence.

Going Public is an initiative that aims to counter sexual harassment, fostering reconciliation and paving the way forward, through storytelling.

We believe that your story has the power to make a difference. We believe you.

You are welcome to share as much or as little as you would like, and your privacy and continued consent will be prioritized throughout.

We aim to highlight voices of survivors, especially from people of colour, people with disabilities, women, two-spirited and queer people, trans people, and any other survivors from marginalized communities to speak out, while providing an anonymous and protected platform to do so.”

To share your story or for more information about Teesri Duniya Theatre’s Going Public project, visit or contact Summer at

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