POP Montreal presents “Macbeth: A Reimagining on the Streets”

Original adaptation of Shakespearean play makes its way across Montreal August 29th

Joe Bagel, Heather O’Neill, and Dakota Jamal of Macbeth: A Reimagining on the Streets (Image courtesy of the artists)

MONTREAL, August 11th, 2020 | On Saturday, August 29th, throughout the streets of Montreal’s Plateau and Mile End, POP Montreal presents “Macbeth: A Reimagining on the Streets”.

This grand, wild, shoe-string budget theatrical happening conceived by Heather O’Neill is a creative mounting of the brutal play Macbeth on the back of a moving truck on which a stage, replete with music, trees and smoke machines, has been built. The stage will always be moving so audiences can emerge on their balconies and porches to view the spectacle while social distancing. Only the major scenes of the play will be re-enacted, so each audience member will find themselves in the climax of the action of the iconic piece. These scenes have been entirely rewritten in modern language to include contemporary themes and explosive humour.

Actor Joe Bagel will put his rock and roll spin on the hysterical, unhinged Macbeth as Dakota Jamal bring his own elegance and sensitivity to the role of Lady Macbeth. Acclaimed Montreal writer Heather O’Neill, who is also the director, will be playing one of the Weird Sisters. There will be a parade of witches on bicycles and other odd means of transport surrounding the truck. The magnificent truck and costumes and decor will be created Montreal artist and filmmaker, Arizona O’Neill.

The play will move on through the streets of the Mile End and Plateau on August 29th, engaging and reacting to audiences as they come out to hoot and holler and provoke and laugh. Performances begin at 7pm next to St. Viateur Parc, move through the streets of Mile End and end on Esplanade next to Jeanne-Mance Parc at 9pm.

Part clown show, part performance art, the creation promises to be street theatre at its best. In eschewing the large budgets that hamper the meaning of Shakespeare, the work returns it to its punk rock survivalist roots.

“We felt a desperate need to perform live before this hard summer was over. Shakespeare himself lived through three plagues and was no stranger to theatres being shuttered. During these times he wrote plays and performed outside typical theatrical venues. In this spirit our play will recreate the roving nature of a Renaissance theatrical troupe. We have chosen Macbeth because of its claustrophobia and also as a means to explore its feminist elements. We were interested in the role of Lady Macbeth and how she has become a pejorative term for ambitious women. We are also interested in the role of witches in Shakespeare’s time and throughout history and the role they have played in prophesizing and speaking strange truths.” – The company of Macbeth: A Reimagining on the Streets.

For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/2653865504827021/

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