Imago Theatre presents digital showcase of ARTISTA Outcome on May 12th

Online performance to feature works by the graduating 2020 cohort

Imago Theatre
‘s mentorship program, ARTISTA, is hosting a digital performance of creativity, community, learning and inspiration as part of the 2020 cohorts’ Outcome showcase, Footprint, on May 12th via YouTube Live.

In this year’s Outcome, ARTISTA participants share their learning, creations and performances, asking the question: What imprint do I leave behind?

Footprint is composed of works-in-progress stories and theatre creations. These pieces are inspired by 13 young women’s lived experience and the conversations they’ve shared with each other, members of their communities, and ARTISTA’s team of artist mentors. Footprint is inspired by the questions we’ve asked and the ways in which we’ve moved images, themes, and stories through our bodies. It is also undeniably influenced by the impossible to anticipate shifts of the world we live in.

For the first time ever, ARTISTA’s Outcome will take place in a virtual space. This is a testament to the participants’ and mentors’ willingness to adapt to social isolation restrictions and take advantage of video media and at-home technologies to keep learning and performing.

“Despite the limits of social distancing and the translation of physical encounters into Zoom encounters, we’ve kept theatre, the core of ARTISTA, central to our focus. We are saddened to not be able to share our stories with you in the flesh, but online learning, encounters, and performance have allowed our 2020 cohort to continue growing together and asking important questions while at a distance. This online experience also gives us the chance to share our learning with you, wherever you may be.” – Imago Theatre.

Accessible through Imago Theatre’s Facebook page and website at

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