RiseMTL: Writers’ Warm-up with PWM’s Jesse Stong


#RiseMTL is Montreal Theatre Hub’s new journalistic series featuring local artists and companies who are spearheading creative community initiatives for artistic and social activity in response to COVID-19.

In unprecedented times of physical distancing and heightened anxiety, it can be hard, as a writer, to get going in the morning. Life block is writer’s block, our lives are part of our stories, and what blocks us in life will inevitably block us in our stories as well.

To unfreeze quarantine-addled minds, Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal’s (PWM) Jesse Stong presents Writers’ Warmup – a new online initiative to get artists in the creative mindset through a guided series of dynamic exercises.

“PWM and myself wanted to do something fun and simple to keep our community of storytellers connected, and decided a quick writing activity every Monday and Friday would be an ideal way to keep those important stories flowing,” explains Stong, who facilitates the activity live from Youtube as writers tune in with fingers on pens and keyboards.

The “15-minute bootcamps” are designed to help new, emerging and established storytellers alike kickstart development for various forms of written works. Among the practical exercises, for example, are short bursts of prompted writing periods to help writers make visceral discoveries for characters, scenes, dialogue, narrative, objectives, conflict and other elements that advance or layer a theatrical script. As resident dramaturg at PWM, Stong is here sharing (for free!) the many hands-on activities that he has created over the last 5 years in supporting over 100 emerging artists though the organization’s Young Creators Unit.

Start your morning on the right creative foot every Monday and Friday at 10:15 AM EST by tuning in live to the PWM Youtube channel. You can also check out the channel to watch full recordings of previous Writers’ Warm-ups.

#RiseMTL by Montreal Theatre Hub
Are you or do you know of someone who has started a creative community initiative in response to COVID-19? We’d love to feature it as part of our #RiseMTL series. E-mail us at info@montrealtheatrehub.com

On April 28th and 30th, PWM will also be virtually hosting a grant proposal workshop with Jesse Stong. For more information, visit www.playwrights.ca.

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