NTS’ Art Apart expanded with support from Power Corporation of Canada and CBC

20 new artists to receive a grant for a total of 100 recipients

Montreal, April 21, 2020 – The National Theatre School (NTS) is pleased to announce that Power Corporation of Canada and Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC, will contribute to NTS’ Art Apart project to support emerging artists who are facing increased financial precariousness because of cancelled contracts and lack of job opportunities due to social distancing measures. 

Power Corporation’s generous contribution to enhance NTS’ Art Apart program will enable NTS to select 20 new artists to receive a grant among those who have already submitted their application. A total of 100 Art Apart works will be shown. The newly selected artists will be announced shortly. In the meantime, meet the first Art Apart artists on TheatreTraining.ca

This partnership will also serve to share the Art Apart works more widely, as each work will benefit from national advertising, advertising in the artists’ community of origin, and amplification to a national audience by CBC through the public broadcaster’s newly launched ART UNCONTAINED collection, featuring a diverse range of innovative content supporting the Canadian artistic community and inspiring audiences during these unprecedented times.  

Finally, this donation allows NTS to launch online theatre classes offered by the teaching artists of NTS’ professional training programs and to share online the work of students in the professional programs. Details of this second phase of the project will be announced at a later date. 

“On behalf of the entire NTS team, I want to thank Power Corporation and CBC Arts for their valuable support of the Art Apart project,” said Gideon Arthurs, CEO of NTS. “Since the beginning of this crisis, the NTS team has been working tirelessly to continue to support emerging artists and to offer them the opportunity to continue to create and be financially supported. These two partnerships will allow these artists to continue working and to come together, digitally, with audiences.”

Art Apart is an initiative by the National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) to financially support emerging Canadian theatre artists during the coronavirus crisis. It’s a way to help minimize the impact of this crisis in the arts community and to provide much-needed assistance to artists who are in the early stages of their careers by rapidly injecting funds into the arts sector.

100 emerging artists will receive $750 grants to present a piece of art online. This sum comes from an existing fund dedicated to community initiatives. The 100 Art Apart artists are students currently enrolled in and artists graduated within the past five years from a theatre training program anywhere in Canada. They have been selected from 575 applications and reflect the diversity of languages, cultural backgrounds, provinces, regions and fields of theatre studies in Canada. 

NTS is also partnering with artists who have taught in the professional training programs of the School in the last few years to launch online theatre classes and will share online art by current NTS students of the professional programs.

The National Theatre School (NTS) is a global leader in theatre training. Since 1960, it has trained artists, in English and French, in all of theatre’s trades and professions. Many of its 2100 alumni are among the most active and recognized actors, directors, designers, writers, and production professionals in Canada and around the world. 

NTS also delivers a broad range of community programs that make theatre more accessible to all Canadians, as a tool for building empathy and personal development. Among other programs, NTS presents the NTS DramaFest, an annual festival for high school students across the country, allowing them to showcase their unique work.

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