PWM presents weekly Writers’ Warm-up with Jesse Stong

Every Monday and Friday, start your morning on the right creative foot with a dynamic writing activity facilitated by Playwright and Dramaturg Jesse Stong.

In these times of physical distancing and heightened anxiety, it can be hard, as a writer, to get going in the morning. Life block is writer’s block, your life is part of your story and what blocks you in life will block you in your stories as well.

To help unfreeze our quarantine-addled minds, Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal’s own Jesse Stong helps kickstart the day live on YouTube, every Monday and Friday at 10:15 AM, with 15-minute hands-on activities designed to support new, emerging and established storytellers.

Tune into the Youtube channel here.

On April 28th and 30th, PWM will also be virtually hosting a grant proposal workshop with Jesse Stong. For more information, visit

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