Call for Submissions: TNC Theatre 2020-21 Directors and Executives

McGill student-run company seeks new members for its next season

Tuesday Night Café (TNC) Theatre is sending out calls for play directors and executive team members for its 2020-2021 season.

About TNC Theatre

TNC Theatre is a student-run, experimental Anglophone theatre company affiliated with the English department of McGill University. Its mission, broadly, is to give students the chance to learn and grow through theatre. The company operates out of Morrice Hall in the Islamic Studies Building. This warm, wood-panelled, octagonal space creates a safe and intimate environment for artists and audiences to collectively explore new ways of being through theatre. “We are coziness meets cutting edge. We are cupcakes spiked with revolution. We are not for profit, and we are NOT for credit. We are for passion.”

Applicants need to be McGill students to submit.

Call for Execs

If you’ve ever been interested in becoming more involved in the McGill theatre community, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

  1. Sign up here by April 10th:
  2. Then make sure to sign up for an interview slot using this link:

Interviews will be happening on April 11th over Skype.

If either link is not working or if the interview time doesn’t fit into your schedule, reach out over email at or via messenger on TNC’S Facebook page.

Call for Directors

Ever dreamed of directing your very own full-length play? Here’s your chance! No directing experience required, just a love of theatre and a vision.

  1. To submit, fill out the online application here:
  2. Then sign up for interviews here after completing the form:

Applications are due April 14th. Interviews will be scheduled for April 18th.

For any questions, email or contact TNC via their Facebook page.

TNC’S Content

At McGill, most campus theatre companies devote themselves to lavish productions of household-name plays and big-budget musicals. That’s wonderful, but that’s not us. At TNC we crave:

– Experimental theatre
– Neglected plays
– Subversive productions of canonical plays
– Theatre that gives a voice to underrepresented groups
– Theatre that highlights Intersectionality
– Theatre that honours, troubles, and investigates Quebecois voices
– Productions which make the most of our unique, intimate space
– Productions which allow first-time directors to explore new creative opportunities.

Let’s upend the canon. Let’s make theatre representative of the complex identities that exist in our 2017 post-colonial environment. Let’s get intimate.

TNC’s Process

Tuesday Night Café Theatre believes in collaboration and consensus, as opposed to hierarchy and majority rule. We want every single student involved in a productions to leave a handprint on the finished product. The Executive operates based on consensus. For instance, we do not finalize our season until every single member of the executive agrees on the plays. During the production process, the Executive and the artistic teams must practice complete transparency as regards their various responsibilities. We the Executive are here to help you, the creative team, realize your vision to the fullest. We are available to move risers, help with technical work, find obscure properties, and so forth. Once a production ends its run, the Executive will invite the director, stage manager, and designers to voice their feelings about the process at a post-mortem, usually held the week after closing night.

At the end of each season, Tuesday Night Café Theatre send out a call for directors to submit proposals for the upcoming season. After the application deadline, the Executive interviews each director, and then constructs the season in a private meeting. During the interview process, the Executive takes a situational approach based on the immediacies of the application before us, without taking into account the applicant’s past history of working with TNC. At the same time, however, we try as much as possible to give new voices a chance to make magic in our space.

On Safe Space

Tuesday Night Café Theatre considers itself a Safer Space. We make an effort to be transparent about the content of performances and artworks featured in our theatre, out of respect for diverse positionalities. For instance, in our calls for ARTiFACT artists we ask applicants to tell us if their work has any potentially triggering content.

For more information about TNC, visit their Facebook page at

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