Snowglobe Theatre presents Workshop Series: Performance Style Round 2 (March 25)

Peter Giser to lead part 2 of workshop series on performance style for actors

Image courtesy of Snowglobe Theatre

In continuation of its new Workshop Series for artists, Snowglobe Theatre presents Performance Style Round 2 – a reprise of the Style workshop from last fall. (For those who participated last time, this workshop will be taught as a level-2 for you, and if possible you’ll be paired with others who also did that previous workshop.)

This group workshop, led by director Peter Giser, will focus on how performance style impacts our approach to scene work and performance. There will be a quick talk at the start discussing briefly what “style” is in the theatre, going through some basic examples of different performance styles. These may include naturalistic, broad comedy, Shakespeare/heightened, formal presentation, sit-com, and others. This will be explored through 2-person scenes, but with a special focus on choosing a style for the piece and how to perform the piece in that style. Participants will then take the same piece of text and change the style a few times, to show how differently the entire thing plays when the style shifts.

The purpose of the workshop will be to help artists clarify how to establish what the style of a piece is, and how to match movements and attitude on the stage with different stylings to create a complete performance. Style is a little-mentioned but a critical element to deciding how to interpret a piece, and the workshop hopes to increase awareness of this element of performance art.

Those signing up will be assigned a scene partner and will be emailed a short script to look at leading up to the workshop (that’s the script you’ll use during the workshop and which will be explored in different styles. It would be best to be familiar with the text if possible by the time of the workshop. It doesn’t have to be off-book, but you want as much freedom as possible for use of the body and interactions with scene partners.)

This workshop will be a one-night only workshop lasting three hours, and is pay-what-you-can (suggested donation of $10-15). There’s a cap of 14 participants, but any others who would like to sign up and watch rather than work are welcome to. Reservations will take priority but walk-ins willing to cold read the scenes will be accepted if there’s room. Those attending should try to show up 5-10 min before the workshop begins.

Snowglobe Theatre’s acting workshops are offered with the goal of developing the strength of Montreal’s local talent and to provide an avenue for continued training.

Reserve your place by emailing director Peter Giser at

WHEN: Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 from 7PM – 10PM
WHERE: MainLine Theatre, 3997 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal
ADMISSION: Pay-What-You-Can (suggested donation of $10-15)

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