Audition Notice: New musical ‘Just a Note’ seeks performers for Fringe production

Casting Call for the Fringe Festival production of “Just a Note” written & composed by Christine ML Lee and directed by Debora Friedmann.

Submit your self-tape by March 22nd, 2020

March 29th, 2020

Six (6) shows at the Montreal Fringe Festival June 1-21, 2020 (dates and venue location to be determined).

“Just a note” is a 45mins musical about Leah, a Hong-Kong-Canadian university student in her last year, who has the A U D A C I T Y to lie to her immigrant parents about getting into medical school while secretly pursuing her passion in music instead. With her graduating concert coming up in two months, DING DONG, the doorbell rings and suddenly Leah must prevent her parents from finding out about the all the stacked-up lies while also living with her mother!!

Character Breakdowns:

  • LEAH
    Female, between 18-30 years old. Must be able to sing (vocal range: G3 to C5 (alto/mezzo soprano), playing piano is a plus!
    Leah is a 2nd gen immigrant from Hong Kong who struggles between living up to her parents’ expectations and pursuing her dreams for herself. Rebellious, she doesn’t plan ahead so when things don’t go as planned, she is surprised, panics and doubts herself. She avoids more than she confronts which leads her to lie a lot. She’s disciplined (and whiny). She’s got that sunshine energy from her mom and lives the guilty life of pursuing what she loves: music. “Act now, think later”.
    Female, 40-60 years old. Must be able to sing (vocal range: alto or mezzo soprano)
    Quirky, daring, extrovert and optimist, yet strict, Mother is Leah’s mom and came to Montreal from Hong Kong when she was a teenager. Once settled, she birthed and raised her two daughters mostly on her own while the Father has been working to support the family.
    Between 18-30 years old. Must be able to sing (vocal range: alto or mezzo soprano)
    The Best Friend. Also a 2nd gen immigrant from Hong Kong. Sandra is cheeky, no-nonsense, focused on herself and also very pragmatic. She likes to finish what she started and is rebellious/stubborn in her own way. She kind of challenges you when you say things and she likes to know what makes people tick. She doesn’t doubt much. “What’s so bad about that?” “Yeah, but” “She kinda has a point though.”. She is studying in med school and is helping out the Daughter to trick the Mother into thinking that the Daughter has been studying in Med school this whole time. Sandra and the daughter have known each other since the first day of high school and have been through all the ups and downs of a friendship built on sleepovers, walks back home and cheating on exams together.
    40-60 years old. This part/performance will be recorded and played via sound design during the telephone call.
    Immigrant from Hong Kong. He is Leah’s Father. Putting aside his social ways, he spent the better part of his life in Montreal working as a waiter to provide for his family.

Please send your headshot and resume to with AUDITIONS in the subject line and the role you wish to audition for. If there are dates during which you are unavailable in April, please inform. Self-tapes must be received by Deadline Date: March 22, 2020

Candidates will be emailed the audition material. Selected candidates will be contacted by March 29th, 2020.

This is a non-union and profit-share (split among cast & crew) production. There will be 2-3 workshops with Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal in April of 2020.

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