Audition Notice: ‘Afraid of Everyone’ seeks performers for Fringe production

Casting call for debut play presented at this year’s Montreal Fringe Festival (1 person + 1 clown show)

Title: Afraid Of Everyone
Director/Producer: Gabriel Chernitsky

Auditions: Wednesday March 11th at 3713 St Laurent Blvd #202

Synopsis: A young clown and an idealistic student become friends at a festival where the clown is doing their first show. When the clown cannot overcome their fear of crowds and runs away, its up to the student to bring them back into the world.

Its a play about support and friendship and unlikely bonds.

(All are welcome to apply)


  • Olivier: A university student attending a clown festival. Olivier is somewhat shy at first but they are also very eager to help his friends. Olivier meets and befriends Gazpacho at the festival, and tries to make Gazpacho overcome stage fright. Olivier is also very eager to get his homework done, and that determination sometimes causes them to miss cues.
  • Gazpacho (all genders, all ages): for actors with clown experience! Gazpacho is a novice clown who really wants to perform for their first time, despite being quite sensitive and feeling very anxious about crowds of people. Gazpacho speaks in gestures and in their own clown-language, with some English words thrown in occasionally.

To apply for an audition, submit to

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