La Chapelle presents CHA Collective’s multidisciplinary ‘Chromatics Phases’

Constantly exploring theatrical conventions and various forms of presentation, the CHA Collective, formed of David-Alexandre Chabot and Paul Chambers, has a creative process differing from more traditional theatrical or choreographic proposals. Visual design is often the starting point for their research. In this new project, the CHA collective is greatly inspired by the exploration of the different audiovisual perceptions surrounding us.

As the work of sound spatialization and the tonal subtleties is a very important part of the piece, the spectator is invited to wear headphones and place themselves near – and sometimes at the center of this immersive performance. The sound guides the spectator through an ephemeral installation where vision, colors and natural light phases will be mixed. An exploration of possible transformations of the surrounding space, using headphones, microphones and various other sound devices.

In recent years, CHA Collective has adapted sound, dance, visual arts and light in unique ways to create a dialogue between disciplines. Exploring the relationship between the creative space and the created work is at the heart of their proposals. The audiovisual elements are not simply framing or part of the piece – they are the piece.  What brings together all the works of the CHA Collective is a unique way of communicating with the audience, often placing them at the center of the proposition and giving them the opportunity to live a show from within.

Performance Schedule:
Monday,  March 30, 7pm
Tuesday, March 31, 8pm
Thursday, April 2 , 8pm
Friday, April 3, 8pm

Ideation and directors Collectif CHA (Paul Chambers et David-Alexandre Chabot)
Choreography collaborator Annie Gagnon
Sound Design Eric Forget

Tickets & Info:

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