Audition Notice: Overy Productions presents ‘SPARK’

Auditions: March 20 – 28 | Performances: July 5 – 9

Overy Productions presents SPARK, a play written and directed by Oprah Lemorin.

SPARK follows the relationship between two characters as they meet, fall in love, abruptly fall out of love, and everything in between and after. SPARK tackles the concept of Love Bombing through absurdity, comedy, symbolism and a sprinkle of vulnerability.

Character Break Down: 

  1. A person in their early 20s
  2. Another person in their early 20s 
  • Child (silent character): Someone young enough (or looks young enough) to still be super duper excited about balloons 
  • Stagehands (silent characters): 2 people dressed in black, professional, they get the task done, they are emotionally detached from what happens on stage

* Please note that the characters can be played by actors of any race, gender, and/or sexuality. The pronouns in the play are gender neutral and will be changed in accordance to however ends up getting the roles.

Audition times:
1st round March 20th-21st, 2020 12-4pm
Callbacks March 28th, 2020 12-4pm

July 5th to July 9th, 2020.

To submit for an audition, contact with your artistic CV, your headshot, and what day you’d like to audition. The production team will respond with your time slot, the location of the audition, and what you need to prepare.

Remuneration provided / this is a paid gig.

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