Casting Call: ACT 2020 (Concordia students only)

Auditions: January 27-31 | Performances: May 2020

Are you a Concordia student looking for an opportunity to be a part of a theatre production? Autodidacts Concordia Theatre (A.C.T) is currently in the midst of creating its third student-written, acted and produced theatrical production, and are looking for student actors to take part in the play! Whether you’re a theatre geek or have no theatre experience at all, you’re welcome to sign up for an audition slot.


It seemed like the only choice…

In the not-so-distant future, to save an overcrowded, suffocating Earth teetering on the edge of complete environmental collapse, the governments of the world come together and make an unprecedented and world-changing decision: to send half of the Earth’s population to live on Mars. Join the Autodidacts’ Concordia Theatre Club in this currently untitled anthology-style sci-fi dram-edy, as we explore the human cost of this decision in all its hilarity, heartbreak, and horror. As families are torn apart across the cosmos, rivals and friends confront their convictions in an alien world, and the red planet tests the very bonds we once thought were immutable, everyone must ask themselves: What do you do when you lose everything? How do you start over in a world that you don’t recognize? And how do you hold onto what truly matters?


Monday, January 27th from 6-9PM, room TBD
Wednesday January 29th from 6-9PM, room TBD
Friday January 31st from 10AM-5PM, room TBD

Audition Guidelines:
– Prepare a 3-5 minute theatrical monologue of your choosing to perform, preferably memorized (however you can bring it in on a paper for reference as well.)
– No Shakespeare, poetry or raps!
– Do not write your own monologue.

To book an audition slot, sign up for a time-slot on Callendly at If you chose a slot but realize later that it cannot work, email as soon as possible.


Rehearsals for the play will begin the week after auditions and will begin by being every Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm, then being twice or even three times a week closer to the show. The actual performance will be the week of May 10th at the Mainline Theatre (3997 Boul. St Laurent).

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