Bishop’s University announces new Musical Theatre Concentration program

New 30-credit program to be launched in the fall of 2020

The department of Drama at Bishop’s University has announced that it will be offering a new program, Concentration in Musical Theatre, at its Sherbrooke Campus as of the Fall semester of 2020.

This 30-credit program allows students majoring in Music or Drama to take additional courses in the following areas of study leading to a concentration in Musical Theatre:

  • Dance
  • Acting with Song
  • History of Musical Theatre
  • Musical Production
  • Songwriting

This concentration also allows students to pursue their own specialized area of interest through faculty supervised Independent Study courses.

Bishop’s Drama programs are designed to expose students to all facets of theatre practice and academic study as well as provide them with the flexibility to orient their program towards a particular field of study. Its aim is to permit undergraduates to explore the subject as a liberal arts discipline and prepare them for graduate, professional, and conservatory schools.

For the full list of courses and other inquiries please contact:

Application deadline: April 1, 2020
Campus Location: 2600 College St., Sherbrooke, J1M 1Z7
Info: (819) 822-9600 |

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