Audition Notice: Repercussion Theatre seeks bilingual actors for ‘Les Fourberies de Scapin the Schemer’

Submission deadline: December 20 | Auditions: January 14 & 15

Repercussion Theatre is now accepting submissions for its next Shakespeare-in-the-Park tourwhich will play in parks across Montreal and beyond in the summer of 2020.

This year Repercussion will actually be doing a play by Molière, not Shakespeare! This is a reboot of the company’s 2007 production of Les Fourberies de Scapin the Schemer, which is performed in both English and French.

Repercussion is seeking playful and dynamic actors who:

  • Are bilingual
  • Are skilled in physical theatre
  • And are excited about working outdoors in all kinds of weather. (It is important to understand that the actors help with the strike at the end of every show!)

Roles to be filled:

  • SCAPIN: Léandre’s servant, a swindler
  • SILVESTRE: Octave’s servant
  • OCTAVE: son of Argante and in love with Hyacinth
  • LÉANDRE: son of Géronte and in love with Zerbinette
  • ZERBINETTE: lost daughter of Argante, in love with Léandre
  • HYACINTH: lost daughter of Mme Géronte, in love with Octave
  • ARGANTE: father of Octave and Zerbinette
  • Mme GÉRONTE: mother of Léandre and Hyacinth

Important note about the characters: In this production, there is a Loony Tunes spirit of rebellion that permeates everything, including the casting. (E.g.: The character of Géronte has been turned into Madame Géronte and the actress who plays Hyacinth rebels against the role and ends up switching with her onstage lover Octave – so that the actress plays Octave and the actor plays Hyacinth.…) Other shifts and switches are also possible, depending on who is cast.

To submit, please email:

  • Your CV (in Word doc or PDF ONLY)
  • A headshot (in PDF or JPEG format ONLY)
  • A short message in the body of the email indicating why you want to be part of this show, and what part(s) you are interested in

to by December 20th 2019 (5pm)

Repercussion is a PACT company committed to bringing emerging and established artists together; so they are looking for members of CAEA, UDA, and emerging artists not yet affiliated with an association.

Auditions will take place on January 14th and 15th (9am – 4pm). Callbacks will be scheduled as needed.

Selected candidates will be asked to prepare a specific scene from the play and brought in for a group audition (as group dynamic is paramount in this production).

General Information about the production:

Play: Les Fourberies de Scapin the Schemer

Director: Amanda Kellock and Mariana Tayler
Union status: PACT (G house)

Rehearsals: start June 8, 2020; the first 3 weeks will be pro-rated over 4 weeks (with a paid workshop in April – dates TBD)

Performances: July 16 – August 16, 2020

Please note: audition slots are limited. Only actors selected for an audition will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding.


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