Audition Notice: The Malicious Basement presents ‘Maintenance’

Audition dates: December 4-8 | Performances: February 19-23

(Image courtesy of The Malicious Basement)

The Malicious Basement is proud to announce the presentation of its first feature play, ‘Maintenance,’ this upcoming February for Festival De La Bête Noire (19th to the 23rd).

Written and directed by Xander Barth, this horror comedy invites our audience to blur the lines between reason and the end-user agreements, in a haze of gore and laughter. The play takes place on the set of Stevie Blue’s Technicolor Workshop, a ‘can-do’ state-run television show from an indeterminate year. The host invites the camera to engage in the art of computer maintenance, often to the din of a live studio audience. We’re invited to cheer once a computer is shown how to forget, wholesale. Equally, we’re invited to cheer as Stevie washes his hands afterwards. A story centered around emotional abuse, gas-lighting and the ever-changing negotiation of privilege.

Predominant themes in ‘Maintenance’ include emotional abuse/coercion, auto-systemic oppression, sexual/emotional autonomy, and the enforcement of social patriarchal order/hierarchy. The script deals with graphic, violent imagery, descriptions of abuse, both sexual and physical – so please be advised.

Audition Dates: Wednesday, December 4th from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM and Saturday, December 7th between 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Callbacks will be Sunday, December 8th between 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Further dates to be announced. If you are not available for any of the posted times, please contact Xander Barth via email at Auditioners are asked to prepare a monologue of their choice, and please also be prepared to read sides at the audition, which will be provided.

Please indicate if you have a preferred time and date for your audition by filling out the doodle below:

Roles Available:

Stevie Blue: (Male- mid 20s-40s)
A slowly deteriorating sweater vest of a man, a long standing television host who has taken extreme care to maintain his image and standing among his peers and fans.

Liam: (Male- early 20s – 30s)
He generally considers himself a nice guy. An intern looking to learn on the job, he’s eager to please with what little odd jobs he’s able to perform on set.

Whinny: (Male- 30s – 40s)
A member of the Eye-Tee department, and while aggressively tending his flock of limbs and circuits, he’s ever watchful of his colleagues.

The Director: (Male- no age specification)
The Director of the broadcast, it’s best if Stevie remains happy- whatever results attained is a bonus.

Computer: (20- Female)
A voice in a box, limbs a plenty.

Comptroller (20s-30s Male)
You ensure the cues happen on time.

Multi-Human-Make-Up-Person (no gender or age specified)
A make up artist that works on the show.

Contact Info:
Xander Barth

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