Crosspoints Workshop with Stephen Atkins and Femme Brutale (Dec 4-6)

Director, researcher and acting coach Stephen Atkins will be joining Femme Brutale in Montreal for the first in a series of experimental workshops exploring creations and expressions of Selfhood through performative techniques.

Atkins will introduce and lead us through his Integrative Acting System, The Crosspoints.

Extending ideas proposed by renowned theatre director Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, the Crosspoints break acting down into four irreducible materials — time, space, the actor and the score.

The three-day workshop will cover an array of techniques and concepts designed to expand the performer’s range of expression and knowledge of personal sources.

Departing from Jung’s ideas of mandala symbolism the system is based on working with behavioural Archetypes and creates a sort of “colour wheel” of personal sources that the subject, or performer can draw from to gain accurate self-feedback about specificity and form in performance.

Atkins’ work makes acting methodologies more compatible with contemporary and postmodern performance hybrids, and become applicable as a form of self-exploration. The workshop is therefore open to individuals curious in areas of the Self, and artists working across performative disciplines.

When: December 4th – 6th, 2019 from 4 – 7 PM (time may be subject to change)
Where: White Wall Studio Montreal (4532 Avenue Laval)
Fee: $60 for all three days

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Stephen Atkins bio:
Is a director and acting teacher with 30 years experience. His methods incorporate traditional and avant garde techniques into an integrated system, and is currently writing his Doctoral thesis on a new actor’s training method called The Crosspoints.

Femme Brutale bio:
A physical conceptual device – Femme Brutale serves simultaneously for the actualisation and representation of a Self or versions of the Self. Working in and through practice and process, makes for experience and subjectivity which is inherently unstable and indeterminate. An athlete, alter-ego, performer, collective body, she is a ground for the conditions of becoming.

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