Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Department presents ‘The Bad Hamlet’

Left: The King, (played by Joan W.) and right: Laertes (Played by Kousalya P.)

Montréal, October 31st 2019 – from November 13th to the 23rd, the Professional Theatre Department of Dawson College will perform The Bad Hamlet, by William Shakespeare.

Hamlet was first published in 1603 in a version that, all scholars agree, was a very poor one. Half the size of its 1605 second printing, the “Bad” Hamlet represents a headlong rush: all plot action, without introspection. It is likely the closest to the actual performance text of Shakespeare’s company.

Hamlet Q1 is presented by the third year graduating class of Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Program, complete and unabridged, in less than 2 hours. The play is double cast.

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