Audition Notice: Ac Productions presents bilingual play ‘Baby Doctor’ at the 2020 Montreal Fringe

Audition dates: November 2 and 3 | Performances: June 2020

Ac Productions is looking for actors for the bilingual play Baby Doctor : Une histoire honnête de la médecine, which will be featured at the 2020 Montréal Saint-Ambroise Fringe festival.

Ac Productions’s mission is to give opportunities to marginalized artists of all orientations, gender identity and ethnicities.

L’Astérisk, 1575 Atateken Street (formerly Amherst). Accessibility : There is one step at the entrance.

Saturday, November 2nd from 3pm – 8 pm and Sunday, November 3rd from 10 am – 6 pm.

Baby Doctor is the story of three young people growing through the grinder of medical clerkship and residency. It’s a hilarious, heart wrenching roller coaster of real stories and raw emotions. An excerpt of the play will be sent to you once you sign up so you can prepare it before you audition.

The characters of Baby Doctor

Jane Steele (white woman, early to late 20s)
Queer disabled (chronic pain, sometimes uses a cane) medical clerk and, eventually, resident. Highly sensitive with more or less healthy coping mechanisms, very sarcastic. Hard-working, brave and resourceful. She begins her clerkship with very little confidence but grows into her white coat, hoping for a residency in family medicine.

Katherine Jemison (Black woman, early to late 20s)
Medical clerk and, eventually, resident. Confident, smart, kind and funny with a sprinkle of sass. While empathetic, she is sometimes severe towards her patients and younger colleagues. Gunning for pediatrics, she pushes back against racist assumptions from all sides.

Bian Hong (Asian man, early to late 20s) – This character’s gender and ethnicity can be modified depending on the selected candidate, but artists of colour will be prioritized. Medical clerk and, eventually, resident. Sensitive, motherly, laughs easily. Remarkably holistic in his approach to the patient. Takes no shit, speaks his mind, sometimes without thinking of the consequences. Hoping for a career in anesthesia.

Supporting characters
Patients, colleagues, friends, family… This play features many more characters who only appear once or twice each. Most of them will be performed by the same person. Versatile, quick-thinking, funny, intense.

*Your gender does not need to match the characters’, you just need to feel comfortable.

Ac Productions understands how important it is to pay artists. After production fees are covered, profits from ticket sales and fundraisers will be split between artists.


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