Agora de la danse presents “EVE 2050: The Stage Work” by Van Grimde Corps Secrets

Immersive and interactive piece plays at the Agora this October

Photo: Robert Desroches

From October 8 to 11, 2019, the Agora de la danse presents EVE 2050: The Stage Work by Van Grimde Corps Secrets.

Eight dancers of diverse origins make their way through an immersive, interactive environment that evokes a connected humanity, where multiple possibilities coexist: genetic mutations, cohabitation of human and artificial intelligence, dreams of immortality, digital survival…. Driven by reflections on the advances being made in AI, this concluding part of the EVE 2050 project points to the advent of a new species, a new take on the eternal question of our place in the mystery of the cosmos.

While a certain biotechnological enthusiasm was apparent in the first two parts of this project (presented at Agora de la danse in autumn 2018), its conclusion throws a veil of mystery over the destiny of humanity. The choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde questions the dominance of the GAFA giants (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Her piece is a poetic appeal, a call to eradicate cultural prejudices in this domain and to insure that a healthy diversity of cultures, genders and ages participates in its construction.

Evoking the infinity of the cosmos, the work includes enticing glances at the wonder and hope created by new technologies. While it reprises some of the technologies of Symphonie 5.1(2016), the very complexity of their use, coupled with the integration of the interactive portals of the EVE 2050 installation, accentuate the immersive effect and the bewitching power of this stage production.

Panel discussion Oct. 11, 2019 — 5 p.m. 

Free admission. Café-Bar. The researchers behind the EVE 2050 project join choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde to talk about this fascinating encounter between science and the arts.

Photo: Robert Desroches

About Van Grimde Corps Secrets

Van Grimde Corps Secrets approaches dance in a transdisciplinary fashion, leading Isabelle Van Grimde to collaborations with artists and researchers from various disciplines. She incorporates digital technologies when designing, producing and presenting works, creating a wide range of artistic proposals that offer intriguing reconfigurations of dance and a pluralistic vision of the body, solidly anchored in its time. Eve 2050 is a triptych, the first two sections, the web series and the installation, were presented by Agora de la danse, Quartier des spectacles and several film festivals.

Company Van Grimde Corps Secrets Artistic Director and Choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde Choreorapher’s assistant Sophie Breton Performers and Artistic Collaborators Sophie Breton, Félix Cossette, Lena Demnati, Chi Long, Mark Medrano, François Richard, Marine Rixhon, Gabrielle Roy Interactive Visual Design and Video Jérôme Delapierre Additional video content and accessories Marilene Oliver Original composition Thom Gossage Interactive Sound Design Frédéric Filteau Costumes Pascale Bassani 3D Modelisation for scenography Jessica Collin Boucher Lighting and Technical coordination Juan Mateo Barrera Production Manager Emilie Voyer Creative Residencies Agora de la danse, Espace Corps Secrets, Grands Ballets Canadiens Coproduction Agora de la danse, Brian Webb Dance Cie, Fonds national de création du Centre National des Arts (CNA)

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