Workshop: “Physical Theatre Lab: Emergency Kit for Unfaithful Stage Partners”

Michelle Cajolet-Couture presents the 3-day, 15-hour physical acting workshop from September 13-15

From September 13th to 15th, 2019, franco-québécoise stage actress, clown, and director Michelle Cajolet-Couture is back in Montreal from France to present a 15-hour physical acting workshop spread over 3 days at the Mange Mes Pieds studio: Physical Theatre Lab: Emergency Kit for Unfaithful Stage Partners.

Finding your ideal stage partner is a project as vast and random as finding true Love. A myth. Reality. In contrast to waiting for the hoped-for object such as the return of the Messiah, Godot or peace in the world, there is this totally exciting option of considering each stage partner as the best partner you can have. In the sense that he will directly teach you what you have to learn. Just like you, your stage partner is whole, complex, free being. You have no power over him (good news!) but you have the means to develop the power you have over yourself through the control of your practice, your body, your mind, your relationship to space.

Something concrete. No Dogma.

THE KIT: The tools
The EMERGENCY KIT FOR UNFAITHFUL STAGE PARTNERS contains a set of technical tools based on Ira Seidenstein’s acting and creativity method “The Four Articulations”. A physical and creative training that encourages the artist to develop his autonomy, control and creativity. An intensive 15-hour training course spread over three days with a focus on duet and trio.

LABORATORY: “A group of researchers carrying out a research program in a given location”

THE LAB: Each day in the studio is an individual and collective journey through a research program divided into two parts:

A) TECHNIQUE: Physical and creative training. A series of dynamic exercises, introduction to Ira Seidenstein’s method “The four articulations”. The four articulations are: BODY, SPACE, TIME, TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM.

B) PRACTICE: Creation of short scenes/numbers (duet and trio) based on the technique seen in Part A, improvisations, classical clown routines, short scenes, text excerpts and any other proposal from the participants.

The artist enjoys a period of solo training, work with partners, showing and observation. At the end of the LAB, the artist-researcher leaves the studio with SIMPLE, SUCCINCT, EFFICIENT tools, which he can immediately apply, develop and adapt to his daily artistic discipline.

The LAB is aimed at actors, clowns, improvisers, mimes, dancers, musicians, circus artists, performers, poets or any other person involved in an artistic process at the professional, advanced or beginner level.

DATES: Friday, September 13th from 2pm – 7pm / Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th from 1pm – 6pm
COST: $50/day or $130/3 days
LOCATION: Studio Mange Mes Pieds – 10 Avenue des Pins
PARTICIPANTS : Minimum 4 / Maximum 12
LANGUAGE: Workshop offered in French and/or English.
INFO & REGISTRATION: / 438 227-7211

Michelle Cajolet-Couture website

Ira’s Seidenstein website (more about the “four articulations”)


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