Audition Notice: Home Theatre Productions presents “Late Night Double Feature”

Auditions: September 19-21 | Performances: December 5-8

Home Theatre Productions is holding auditions this September 19th – 21st for its upcoming show “Late Night Double Feature”, to be presented at the MainLine Theatre from December 5th to 8th, 2019.

Taking inspiration from B movies and midnight movies, the production will feature two one-act plays. The night is designed to recreate the experience of going to a pulpy, late-night double feature picture show. Home Theatre Productions will be holding open auditions for parts in both of the one-acts, and the frame story. Actors may be cast in multiple shows, and are asked to audition for one part from each play.

Brief Synopses of each show (more detailed outlines available on the website):

Jason Sharp: Confirmed Bachelor”
Written by Steven Greenwood

Jason Sharp is a gay detective working in Montreal in the 1950s: he balances his detective work with his navigation of queer life in pre-Stonewall North American culture. When Sally Storm, a high-powered PR agent, comes into his office asking him to help her with a high-profile murder case, Jason is plunged into a world of wealthy widows, mansions, and a mysterious man he calls “Mr. Chiseled.”

Written by Lucas Amato

Wilbur has been working in the slasher ‘biz for years, starring in a long franchise of beloved horror flicks. Dana is a successful musician who is new to the world of terror, trying to show versatility by establishing herself as an actress. When they meet on the set of Wilbur’s new flick, tensions between their two worlds have horrifying consequences. The secret lives of slashers comes to the forefront in this meta-examination of horrors Hollywood and the real reasons why we love to be terrified.

Young Love”
Written by Victoria Stevens

Two young women are on their first date, having decided to go to a late-night movie screening. Despite their very different interests, they are able to find common ground through their shared love for stories and their shared fascination with each other. A mysterious scientist observes them from behind the scenes, analyzing what it is that characterizes the “young love” of a typical teenage romance.

Please prepare one side from each show. You may also be requested to perform a cold read at the audition. Sides do not need to be memorized for the audition, although you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with them as much as possible.

Remuneration: Home Theatre works on a profit share/ collective approach to profits: everyone involved in the show receives a share of the profits.

Audition Location: Auditions will be held at 688 Sherbrooke Street West: the room number will be sent to you the day of the audition.

Audition Timeslots:
September 19 from 5:45-9:00 pm
September 20 from 5:45-8 pm
September 21 from 3-9 pm

More information, including character breakdowns, audition sides, and signups are available at

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