Dawson College unveils its 2019-2020 theatre season

Professional training facility to present 7 public student shows this school year

Dawson College’s Dome Theatre
(Image courtesy of Dawson College)

Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Department has announced its 2019-2020 season of shows, which includes its Major Productions (performed by students in their third and final year of the professional training program) and Studio Productions (performed by second years).

September 18 – 21, 2019

Living Out is about Ana, an undocumented Salvadoran nanny, and Nancy Robin, the American mother for whom she works. Surrounding the two women are communities of mothers and families, who uplift and support each other but inevitably find themselves at a cultural crossroads. When the lies and half-truths these women tell come to light, a tragedy unfolds. 

October 5 – 8, 2019

“This is how the story starts.
It starts here.
It happens here.
Right here.”
– The Chorus 

On a hot and airless night, with a sun that will not set, Suzy Storck waits for her husband to come home. The radio buzzes. Upstairs, the sound of tiny hands behind a bedroom door.

November 11 – 23, 2019

“To be or not to be, ay there’s the point  / To die, to sleep, is that all? Ay all”.

The infamous 1603 “Bad Quarto”, Shakespeare’s most headlong and least literary version of his play, performed complete and unabridged in less than “the two-hour’s traffic of our stage”.

January 19 – February 8, 2020

Peter Hinton’s highly acclaimed recent adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale Alice in Wonderland will marry the joy of the original story with delightful devised theatrical magic to create Alice’s epic journey through Wonderland. A coming of age story that will delight adults and children alike.

Come tumble with Alice down the rabbit hole!

March 4 – 7, 2020

Mary Page Marlowe explores the seemingly mundane life of an accountant in Ohio. But family tragedy, promiscuity, alcoholism, and the search for identity, leads to a gripping and complicated story about a woman, a mother, trying to keep afloat.

From Pulitzer-prize-winning playwright Tracy Letts.

March 11 – 14, 2020

A stark and shattering play that powerfully captures male violence and fragility. Written in reaction to London being awarded the 2012 Olympics and the chaos of the 7/7 bombings, the play is composed of seven stories that serve as a countdown to the catastrophic attack on London. Each playlet focuses on a different individual dramatizing their life in the run-up to the tragedy.

April 20 – May 2, 2020

Power. Corruption. Politics. In the gritty world of 1930’s Chicago, a ruthless mobster spreads fear, division, and lies, silencing the opposition in order to gain absolute control. Arturo Ui is the master despot, fearlessly manipulating those around him. The shock of Bertolt Brecht’s searing drama is its familiarity: Helplessly we watch, as violence is perpetuated and evil grows. If there is any time to learn from history, now is it.

Admission (Major Productions)
Adults: $15.00
Seniors/Regular Students: $10.00
Dawson Students: $5.00
Group Rate: $5.00 (Teachers Free)
Dawson Theatre Alumni: Free
Previews: Pay-What-You-Can

Admission (Studio Productions)

Box Office & Info
(514) 931-5000

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