Call for Submissions: 2020 Festival de la Bête Noire

Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2019

Montreal’s premiere horror festival is back and looking for submissions for its next edition in February of 2020!

  • The horror genre encompasses anything that is gore, thriller, murder mystery, magic, monster, paranormal, slasher…the list is endless and here is a cool visual for your perusal:
  • A) The Mini Main is a 41 seat theatre. It is small and backstage/storage area has limited space. Therefore, it is a good idea to think about a show that has minimal props (no huge sets) as you will be sharing the space with other companies and will have to set up and strike before and after every show in a short amount of time. Companies in this space will perform 3 times.

    B) The Main Space has 100 seats and can accommodate slightly more complex tech and has a lot of storage space and a big backstage area. Note that you must set and strike your show for each performance. Companies in this space will perform twice.
  • Your tech needs MUST be simple. Fire, animals, most chemicals etc are not permitted. However, a projector is possible. But if your tech needs require the technician to set and strike more than 10 lights, you may need to rethink your needs, unless in Main Space. You are responsible for any equipment needs Mainline Theatre cannot provide.
  • The application fee is a necessary evil in the world of the arts. These fees, although non refundable regardless of acceptance, might seem like you’re losing money, but, they ensure that these festivals, showcases and expositions keep happening. So, even if you don’t get in, think about it as a small investment toward keeping the arts in Montreal alive!

    Once accepted into the festival you get:

    The venue to play in a minimum of 2 performances of 45-75 mins (tech and dress rehearsal included)
    Box office services
    Program, flyers and posters
    You are included in the festival press kit
    60/40 split of ticket sales for you
  • If your company is not picked for this year’s festival, worry not, we will be hosting a horror gala extravaganza on February 19th in the Main Space which will be open to all. This will be an opportunity for you to showcase a 3-10 minute piece of horror for fun and on a voluntary basis. (all funds will go to the festival but there may be a small honorarium depending on how well things go)
  • ***New this year: Drop-out Deposit (refundable) and Tech Fee (non refundable)

    If you are accepted and do your full performance, you will get your drop out deposit back, but if you drop out after the drop-out deadline, we keep your deposit. This deposit must be paid by November 1st, 2019.

    Drop out deposit for Main space is $200
    Drop out deposit for Mini Space is $100

    Drop out deadline is December 15th 2019

    Tech Fees cover the on-site tech as well as load in and load out. (This is not YOUR tech, but the venues’ tech) This fee is non-refundable.
    Main Space: $125
    Mini Space: $25


Apply online at this link:

Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2019

All questions can be directed to

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