L’Agora presents “Danse Mutante” by MAYDAY from September 17 to 21

A world tour in four dance creations on three continents, Danse Mutante closes the circle in Montreal with the final show performed by Francis Ducharme and Riley Sims

Photo Credit: Mathieu Doyon

Danse Mutante – MAYDAY
Mélanie Demers, Kettly Noël, Ann Van den Broek, Ann Liv Young
September 17 > 21, 2019 – 7 p.m.

This extraordinary journey, a choreographic relay imagined by Mélanie Demers, ends with a dance marathon. At the finishing line the duet Cantique, originally created by the Quebec choreographer in Montreal in 2018, will join up with three mutations by three mavericks of contemporary dance: Ann Liv Young (New York), Kettly Noël (Bamako) and Ann Van den Broek (Amsterdam).

Reinventing a Dance Duet

To launch this dance relay Mélanie Demers created Cantique, inspired by her two dancers and muses, Riley Sims and Francis Ducharme, both of them invincible virtuosos. In handing her piece over to three other artists, she invited each of them to create her own mutation of the piece by remixing, altering and reinventing the final open version, all three of them adhering to a few fixed parameters: the same dancers, a time limit for creating and performing the piece, etc. These four female choreographers, separated by so much, share a rebellious spirit that investigates contemporary society and resists conformity.

Photo Credit: Mathieu Doyon

About Mélanie Demers

A multi-platform artist, Mélanie Demers founded her company MAYDAY in 2007, and her work explores the powerful link between the poetic and the political. It was from that perspective that she created Les Angles morts(2006), Sauver sa peau (2008), Junkyard/Paradis(2010) and Goodbye (2012). With MAYDAY remix(2014), she pushed even further the blending of genres and hybridization of forms. Her fascination for combining word and gesture was crystallized in WOULD (2015), which received the Prix du CALQ award for best choreography at the 2015 Prix de la danse de Montréal. In 2016 she began a new creative cycle with Animal Triste and Icône Pop. Both pieces toured internationally. She was recently invited to work abroad at the Skånes Dansteater in Malmö, Sweden, for the creation of Something About Wilderness.

Company MAYDAY Artistic Direction Mélanie Demers Choreography Mélanie Demers, Kettly Noël, Ann Van den Broek, Ann Liv Young in collaboration with the performers Performers Francis Ducharme, Riley Sims Original Music Mykalle Bielinski Dramaturgy Angélique Willkie Rehearsal Director Anne-Marie Jourdenais Lighting Alexandre Pilon-Guay Sound Editing David Blouin Costumes Mélanie Demers, Kettly Noël, Ann Van den Broek, Ann Liv Young Technical Direction Julien Veronneau Creative residencies Bamako, Montréal, New York, Rotterdam Coproduction Agora de la danse Developped with the support of Fonds national de création du Centre national des Arts

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