Immersive installation piece “PERSONAL SPACE” premieres August 22-24

Little Black Rain Cloud presents Cicely Austin's new theatrical work this weekend

From August 22nd to 24th, 2019, Little Black Rain Cloud Theatre presents PERSONAL SPACE, an original immersive installation piece by Cicely Austin that explores the difference between our public and private selves.

“Our bedrooms are the most private spaces we occupy, and we unknowingly let our secrets paints every corner. Who is the person behind the posters on the wall, or the clothes in the closet? What about the hidden diary entries, or the thrown-out receipts? Personal Space lets the audience explore the bedroom of a young woman and learn her story. As the physical space reveals her character, the voicemails left on her phone chime in periodically and guide the audience through the events leading up to this paused moment in time.

It’s the appeal of getting to know someone, really know them, without them being there.”

The performance space will be open from 7pm-9pm on all dates, and audience members are welcome to arrive and view the piece at any time within that span. Admission is by donation/Pay-What-You-Can.

Check out the promotional teaser trailer for the production:

When: August 22nd to 24th, 2019, the space is open from 7pm-9pm
Where: 1-6868 Ave Christophe-Colombe, Montreal
Admission: Tickets are by donation/PWYC

Ariel Antonacci
Ross Berlettano
Michael Briganti
Camila Fitzgibbon
Véronique Gagnier
Jeroen Lindeman
Alisha Ruiss
Vanessa Schmoelz

Facebook Event:

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