Casting Call: Hudson Village Theatre presents annual holiday panto – “Treasure Island”

Auditions: September 7-9 | Performances:

Hudson Village Theatre’s annual pantomime is back with Treasure Island written by Ben Corker and directed by Steve Walters!

Auditions will be held on the following dates: 
Friday, September 7 (7-9pm)
Saturday, September 8 (9am-3pm)
Sunday, September 9 (9am-3pm)

The roles the company will be auditioning for this year will be:
(Roles open to all genders – Female Pirates and Male WI members encouraged!)

  • MRS HAWKINS (MUM). Jim’s Mum. Warm hearted, rumbustious Dame.
  • KITTIE. A maid. (Scene 1 only)
  • JIM HAWKINS. Principal Boy.
  • SQUIRE TRELAWNEY. A bit dim.
  • JENNY TRELAWNEY. The Squire’s daughter. Principal Girl.
  • SEADOG SAM. A pirate.
  • SEAWEED WILLY. A nice pirate.
  • BILLY BONES. (Scene 1 only)
  • LONG JOHN SILVER. Pirate Leader and Villain of the Piece.
  • BLOOD BOILER. A ferocious pirate.
  • CUTLASS RATTLER MCSTINKY. A very ferocious pirate.
  • The FRIDGE. A very big ferocious pirate.
  • POLLY. A parrot in her 70’s.
  • MRS HENDERSON. Chair of the Smuggler’s Cove WI.
  • MRS SNOOK WI Member. 
  • MRS TUBB WI Member. 
  • MRS DODD WI Member. 
  • MRS PARKER. Vice Chair of the Smuggler’s Cove WI.
  • MISS NORMINGTON. (DORIS) Senior and independently minded WI Member
  • BEN GUNN. Shipwrecked Ship’s Photographer.
  • CAPTAIN BLOODHEART (Non speaking role, Scene 9 only)
  • CHORUS as Pub Customers, Pirates, WI Members, Ghosts etc.

Fill out the form at this link and you will be contacted with your audition date and time.

Performances will take place from December 13th, 2019 to January 5th, 2020 at the Hudson Village Theatre.

Please note this is a non-union, non-paid community theatre production

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