Edward Yankie’s “R2” – a one-man performance of Shakespeare’s Richard II – returns to the MainLine August 23rd

For one final night only in Montreal this summer 2019, Edward Yankie presents E.Y.’s R2 – a one-man performance of Shakespeare’s Tragedy of King Richard The Second, staged in its entirety.

Twenty-six characters. Twenty-two thousand words. One actor. The downfall of a prideful king. The struggle for power between two opposing parties. And the people caught in the middle. A universal, timeless masterpiece that is as relevant today as ever. Political realism and the tragedy of history explode into life in some of the profoundest poetry in the English language.

The returning production will be performed on Friday, August 23rd at 7:30 at the MainLine Theatre (3997 St. Laurent Blvd).

Directing the production is Marjorie Silcoff, who has been collaborating with Edward on creative projects for almost 30 years since they met as young actors in New York City. Edward Yankie is an American-born actor living and working in Montreal (mostly) for almost two decades. He work-shopped his one-man Shakespeare show, E. Y.’s R2, at The Badhuis Theatre in Amsterdam while living in Holland for two years, and has performed it five times at Hemingway Cafe in Montreal. He also performed in The John Cage Tribute at The Hague. New York credits include Alceste in The Misanthrope, Talthybius in The Trojan Women, Death in Everyman, Garcin in No Exit, and Ben Stark in Rocket to The Moon. In Canada, he played eight different roles in the rock musical Cyberia at The National Arts Centre. He also appeared in the English language premiere of Fast Lane at the NAC, and in the world premiere of 2000 at The Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa. In Montreal, card-shark Carl in Dealer’s Choice at Mainline Theatre. Film credits include  Dead Awake, Press Run, Eternal Revenge, The Immortals, and Punisher: War Zone. TV credits include The Sign of Four, The Tournament, Moose TV, Tales From The Neverending Story, The Stork Derby, Final Verdict, and The Disappearance on CTV.

When: Friday, August 23rd at 7:30
Where: MainLine Theatre (3997 St. Laurent Blvd).
Tickets: ($20) www.mainlinetheatre.ca | 514-849-3378.

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