Interactive theatre and participatory gaming in World Premiere of “The Riot Ballet” August 21-25

New international creation to play for 7 performances at Concordia this summer

Jump Current Performance (Montreal/Vancouver) in co-production with Working Group Theatre (Iowa City) & La Barracuda Carmela Theatre (Bogotá) present the world premiere of The Riot Ballet for seven performances from Wednesday, August 21st to Sunday, August 25th, 2019 in Montreal.

A collective creation devised/performed by collaborators from Canada, the US, Colombia and Ireland (Martin Andrews, Noah Drew, Shannon Holmes, Shawn Ketchum Johnson, Catalina Medina, Jamie Nesbitt, Emer O’Toole) this world premiere is a playful, evocative, experiential exploration of the tensions between individual and group, ideology and flexibility, compliance and resistance, intention and doubt.

The Riot Ballet is an ambitious international theatrical creation about riot, protest, crowd psychology and our longing to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. What inspires people to make the leap from clicktivist to activist? The Riot Ballet is an interactive, theatre/participatory game hybrid beginning online before continuing live in a cluster of immersive performance spaces. Audiences interact with characters and other audience members, participating via instructions, puzzles, and technologically-responsive environments. Participants may choose to engage to whatever extent they are comfortable, or remain a passive observer. The task is to avert a potential riot before it explodes. The show culminates in a safe but spectacular burgeoning riot, where actions in the moment determine just how intense the riot will become.

Where: Concordia University Molson Building
1450 Guy St., Montreal – 7th floor studios
When: August 21st – 25th, 2019
Wednesday to Sunday 6:30pm; Saturday & Sunday 2pm

Plan your riot early—tickets for August 21 & 22 are 2 for 1!

Tickets & more info available soon at

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