Snowglobe Theatre presents “Workshop Series: Audition Monologues” on July 31st

Montreal theatre company announces first instalment of new workshop series

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 7 PM – 10 PM
MainLine Theatre (3997 Boul. Saint-Laurent)

This group workshop, led by Snowglobe Theatre Artistic Director Peter Giser, will focus on how to make a striking impression with your audition monologue. You’ll come in with a monologue you already know, and you’ll get coaching on the choices you’ve made for it and how to perform those choices as clearly as possible. Periodically the other participants will be invited to comment on the work so that everyone can get a better feel for how their choices impact those watching on. By the end your monologue will be stronger, but more importantly we’ll go through the process of what sorts of choices are most important when preparing an audition monologue and how to execute them.

This workshop will be a one-night only workshop on July 31st lasting three hours, and is pay-what-you-can (suggested donation of $10-15). There’s a cap of 15 participants, but any others who would like to sign up and watch rather than work are welcome to. Reservations will take priority but walk-ins will be accepted if there’s room. Only those signed up to work will be invited to participate in the active discussions.

As Snowglobe’s auditions for The Pillowman are taking place in early August, we thought it would be good timing to offer this audition workshop right before them. This is the first of hopefully many acting workshops offered by Snowglobe theatre, with the intention to build up the strength of Montreal’s local talent and to provide an avenue for continued training.

Reserve your place by emailing director Peter Giser at

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