Casting Call: Snowglobe Theatre presents “The Pillowman”

Audition Dates: August 1-4 | Performances: November 2019 at MainLine Theatre

Snowglobe Theatre will be presenting Martin McDonagh’s dark comedy “The Pillowman” this coming November 2019 at Mainline Theatre, directed by Peter Giser.

The story takes place in an oppressive society where a storyteller named Katurian is interrogated and persecuted for telling stories that most would consider gruesome. Amidst all this, his brother Michal may be acting rashly out as a result of a traumatized past. Prominent themes in The Pillowman include care of those can’t defend themselves, security versus freedom, and self-sacrifice for art. The script contains graphic and violent language and imagery, and certain descriptive depictions of abuse, so please be advised.

Audition dates:
Thursday, August 1: 7-11 pm
Friday, August 2: 7-11 pm
Saturday, August 3: 10-2 pm

Callbacks will take place on Sunday, August 4, from noon-5 pm, so please let us know if there will be any issues with coming back on that day. The location for all rehearsal days will be provided by email when receiving an appointment.

Auditioners are asked to prepare a monologue of their choice, and please also be prepared to read sides at the audition, which will be provided.

Character breakdowns:

  • Katurian (20’s-40’s): A writer with a taste for gruesome imagery, often involving children. He has a sharp intelligence and a flair for sarcasm.
  • Michal (20’s-40’s): Katurian’s brother, who as a result of being abused as a child may have been developmentally damaged. The specifics of how this will be portrayed is very open-ended and does not necessarily imply any kind of learning disability.
  • Ariel (Any age): A police detective with a taste for violence and torture, and a special concern about protecting children.
  • Tupolski (Any age): A police detective who plays more of the ‘good cop’ role compared to Ariel, but with no hesitation to employ violence either if needed. His attitude is more on the dry side than Ariel’s.

*** Please note that all roles are open to both genders.

To book an audition or for more information please contact Peter directly by email at:

Please include headshot and updated resume for applications.


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