La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines unveils 2019-2020 season

MONTRÉAL, JUNE 20, 2019 –  La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines unveils the complete program of its four seasons 2019-20, offering a fertile year of creation (23 projects, the vast majority being new projects) and welcomes a wide range of artists from different backgrounds and disciplines.

The main innovations this year: In the Récréations project, students at the Pied-de-la-Montagne elementary school will become acquainted with the performing arts and contemporary creation – through workshops led by artists, meetings with the theater team and dedicated performances. These moments will be portrayed by the illustrator Youloune!


From July 8th to 10th, on the margins of the regular season, Montréal complètement cirque and La Chapelle Scenes Contemporaries join forces to present L’Autre cirque, which celebrates the hybridity of approaches highlighting five circus artists who have chosen alternative paths of the creation: Basile Philippe, Clara Prezzavento and Luisina Rosas, Tristan Robquin, Maxim Laurin and Cie Ci. Following this project La Chapelle will receive several artists for creative residencies during the summer (Roxanne Halary, Morena Prats, Stéphane Crête, Maria Kefirova, Queen KA, Natasha Kanapé-Fontaine and Katie Ward). This year the first season opens from August 26 to September 7 with the show TSHISHIKUSHKUEU of the Innu writer Natasha Kanapé-Fontaine, who adapts on stage her remarkable poetry collection Bleuets et Abricots. From September 16 to 20, Katie Ward returns to La Chapelle with Imaginationreality, a dreamlike choreographic piece that calls for the redefinition of our perceptions.

FALL 2019

We will begin the fall in partnership with Gutta Zone from September 26 to October 1 to present Anima / Darkroom by contemporary choreographer Lucie M. May and award-winning dancer 7Starr. Through the raw lexicon of Krump, this expressive solo deep-dives into the gap between solitude and communion. On September 28, La Chapelle teams up for the first time with the Festival International de la Littérature to present Martin Faucher’s Les Dimanches: a reading of short stories posted on Facebook, some more intimate texts, dealing with the stretching of time and a vertiginous turn in life. From October 7 to 11, La Chapelle reconnects with Phénoména Festival for Numain: a solo by Stéphane Crête for a human and a silicone doll, exploring liminal notions within life and death drives. From October 15 to 18, Montréal Danse and Maribé Sors De Ce Corps present the third episode of Marie Béland’s B+B+B trilogy, Beside: a piece questioning the overabundance of information, our relation towards the ideas of “truth” and “fake news”, and the role of body language in media. From October 23 to November 2, Jean-François Boisvenue and Claire Renaud (La nuit / le bruit) pursue their series of poetico-philosophical essays with Contre la suite du monde. A play investigating citizens’ excesses and political exhaustion.

Mani Soleymanlou’s big comeback on the stage where he started, that of La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, will take place from 11th to the 23rd of November. A homecoming, with a brand-new creation: Zero. In Farsi and Arabic, zero is “sefr”: void. An abstraction that swallows all its multipliers, a primary circle that brings us together rather than divides us. This theatrical object will take place in three times and three distinct places. 

From November 20 to 23, La Chapelle partners with Théâtre du Trillium and Phi Center to present Jeff Koons by Dillon Orr. This show held at the Phi Center is a guided tour of the digital art world, inspired by the controversial figure of the visual artist that it is named after, offering a new perception on the “pop thing”. After the great success of Clara Furey’s Rather ditch at the Festival TransAmériques this year, the show returns to La Chapelle from November 28th to 30th. Finally, Michel Faubert and Renée Robitaille share the stage from December 2 to 7 presenting respectively Le chant du silence and Nues. The Fall is completed with our annual gathering, the Acoustic Sessions: an invitation to listen to today’s music in an intimate and refined experience, without microphone and in proximity of the artists.

And that is not all! Nicolas Gendron will continue the series of Oh, la boulette ! influenced by current news, on September 18 and December 1st.

WINTER 2019-20

Starting January 12, Cabal Theater presents Chattermarks in partnership with the Wild Side Festival, a show probing the blurred boundaries of war and the complexities of healing. Then from January 27 to February 4, Si je reste, a poetic and musical show by the spoken word artist Queen Ka, settles in La Chapelle. On February 8th and 9th, Queer Performance Camp features British artist Jamila Johnson-Small’s I ride in color and soft focus, no longer anywhere. Author and performer Sean Nicholas Savage and director Sophie Cadieu join Ballet Opera Pantomine for a musical comedy combining naive and lucid poetry in Please Thril Me, from February 17 to 29. To end the winter season, we will have the chance to see Jocelyn Pelletier’s Mac(Death), from March 9 to 17: the dark intrigue of Shakespeare with a background of dissonant guitars and heavy percussions.


As the spring reaches us, from March 30 to April 3 we welcome the collective CHA, Paul Chambers and David-Alexandre Chabot, with Phases Chromatiques, an ephemeral installation where hearing, vision, colors and phases of natural light will be questioned placing the spectator in the center of the creation. From April 15 to 25, La Chapelle is proud to welcome Danse-cité and Pétrus presenting Face-à-Face by Jérémie Niel. Subsequently, Morena Prats stages cet intervalle from April 30 to May 4, a colorful, contemplative and explosive show; a happy new beginning. From May 11 to May 15 and after The Nutcracker, it’s Maria Kefirova’s turn take up the stage with a new creation Measuring distance.

Then finally, the four 19-20 seasons of La Chapelle will end in beauty with projects presented in collaboration with the Festival TransAmériques … which will be unveiled at the end of the winter!


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