3rd edition of “Altérité, pas à pas” contemporary dance festival returns to Tangente October 10-20

MONTREAL, June 20th, 2019. Once more, Tangente joins forces with Altérité, pas à pas! as part of the 3rd edition of the festival produced by Nord Sud Arts et Cultures, which aims to promote encounters, connections, togetherness, and creation with others through difference. For the occasion, Tangente will present three works by choreographers from Morocco, Iran, and Israel, two of them world premieres.

After presenting notable solos at Festival TransAmériques in 2012 and MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) in 2017, Moroccan choreographer Taoufiq Izeddiou returns with a work created with five young dancers. As questions about borders and human migrations feed current debates around the world, Borderlines examines the notion of checkpoints, those that are visible as well as barriers within the body itself. Enveloped in a sound mix drawn from both traditional and contemporary Moroccan sources, this fervent quintet strives to make the space their own or create one for themselves if given no other choice. In a society with such tight control over individuals, what is left of intimacy? A copresentation with MAI from October 10th to 13th.

“From the secular to the sacred, his shows are striking.” 
– Marie-Christine Vernay, journalist and critic

From October 17th to the 20th, a double bill will follow. Winner of the silver medal at the Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition in 2011, Elad Schechter will present Premiere, a rare collaboration between a Muslim artist and a Jewish choreographer. The work is a sort of protest, a performance originally staged in the Western part of the city where they were both born and raised, Jerusalem. Elad and performer Rand Ziad Taha seek to reveal various aspects of Arab culture. Rand places a Walkman, Polaroid camera and mobile phone onstage, converses live with her mother, listens to an Algerian love song. She wears a layered costume revealing the colours of the Palestinian flag. Her masbacha (Arabic rosary) inspire movements that push the limits of physicality.

As for choreographer-dancer Nasim Lootij and dramaturge Kiasa Nazeran, they will investigate the destruction of artworks and the ban on women’s singing and music in their native Iran. In La Chute, Nasim struggles to stand, resisting hostile forces. The lighting fragments her body into tree branches, a dramatic metaphor for the previous efforts of musicians suddenly unable to create a national music meant to unite the various ethnic groups. This neo-expressionist choreography gives voice to these artists and to the resilient men and women of Iran.

About the artist’s previous work presented at Tangente in 2017:

“A work with a shifting but precise dramaturgy, Moi-Me-Man finds its strength by balancing modern dance technique and expressionist theatricality. We detect allusions to icons Martha Graham and Pina Bausch.”
– Mélanie Carpentier, Le Devoir

TANGENTE / 1435, RUE DE BLEURY / BOX OFFICE 514 525-1500 / tangentedanse.ca

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