Agora de la danse unveils the first half of its 2019-2020 season

Let your spirit soar – Let yourself go – Enjoy the dance experience.

Agora de la danse invites the public to experience diverse and stimulating contemporary dance in the very heart of Montreal. This unique venue for presentation and creative support presents a season of recent new dance works, provides residencies to artists, creates bridges between artists and citizens, co-produces new dance pieces and offers all sorts of public activities centred on the art of choreography.

Check out the lineup for the 2019 Fall Season:

Danse Mutante
September 17 > 21, 2019 

A world tour in four dance presentations on three continents, the choreographic relay Danse Mutante closes the circle in Montreal with a dance marathon organized by Mélanie Demers. At the finishing line, the duet Cantique, created by the Quebec choreographer in Montreal in 2018, will join up with its three mutations, one by Ann Liv Young (New York), another by Kettly Noël (Bamako) and the third by Ann Van den Broek (Amsterdam). An artistic and profoundly human journey.

Aurélie Pedron
September 23 > 28, 2019

Embody the work, be in synch with it – that is the challenge launched by Aurélie Pedron in her new piece Antichambre. This sensorial, immersive experience invites the spectator to perceive the world in new ways, to comprehend more than what we observe with our eyes. By breaking beyond the senses to a point where time and space dissolve, the audience becomes the embodiment of the piece, its guardians and confidants. This sensitive yet disconcerting adventure blurs boundaries between the body and the dance. Is what you experience part of you, or is it outside your body?

Suites Ténébreuses
Cas Public

October 4 > 5, 2019

After reinterpreting a beloved fairy tale, choreographer Hélène Blackburn is back with a dream team to explore an archetype buried in our collective psyche — the monster. Co-created with lighting magician Lucie Bazzo, this piece for four dancers and three musicians from the group Dear Criminals blithely transmutes elements of daily life, the better to awaken imaginary fears. Once they become familiar, the fears give way to the phantasmagorical.

Eve 2050: the stage production
Van Grimde Corps Secrets
October 8 > 11, 2019

Following on the EVE 2050 (2018) web series and digital installation, Van Grimde Corps Secrets now brings this choreographic, scientific and philosophical exploration of the human body to the stage.

Eight dancers of diverse origins make their way through an immersive, interactive environment that evokes a connected humanity, where multiple possibilities coexist: genetic mutations, cohabitation of human and artificial intelligences, dreams of immortality, digital survival…. Driven by reflections on the advances being made in AI, this concluding part of the EVE 2050 project points to the advent of a new species, a new take on the eternal question of our place in the mystery of the cosmos.

Lucy Guerin
October 30 > November 1, 2019  

In Split, the strange yet very intense interrelation between two female dancers raises questions, such as: are they aspects of the same personality split asunder? Or are they lovers oscillating between tenderness and aggression? To compelling music by the composer Scanner, Split appears as a metaphor for a relationship between two individuals – demanding, physical and intimate.

L’Encre Noire

November 13 > 16, 2019  

Created in the mystical landscapes of Ireland, L’Encre Noire – the first full-length piece from LA TRESSE – draws on the Romanian, Quebecois and Irish roots of the three dancer/ choreographers. It is a timeless journey, a series of rituals inherited from their cultural origins that combine folklore, fantasy and the sacred. Engaging in a full-bodied expression the performers experience release in the ecstasy of repetition and rhythm.

27 > 30 novembre 2019 

Using theatrical illusions, puppets and ghostly architecture, Bygones creates an otherworldly zone at the frontiers of the specific and the indeterminate. The dancers meander through the spectral space with a physical anarchy that toys with materiality, turning logic upside down. A playful, ingenious new dance piece!

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Over 25 years of Quebec, Canadian and international dance, dynamic new works, exciting dance projects & interdisciplinary encounters make Agora a unique, exceptional arts centre for contemporary dance.

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