Fringe Review: Laughing Through Heartbreak – “Zack Adams: Love Songs for Future Girl”


Zack Adams (Photo Credit: Shane Adamczal)

Zack Adams: Love Songs for Future Girl finds a way to laugh through the four scariest words of all: “we need to talk.”

Zack Adams is a comedic one-man show recounting Adams’ path to finding his special someone… who then broke his heart. Adams reminisces over the good, the bad and the hilariously shocking bits of his past relationships and missed opportunities. All of this is delivered through song, lively music animating the comical lyrics he dedicates to the girls of his past.

High-volume pre-show music set the tone of the performance: the speakers resonated as Amy Winehouse called out for Valerie––a good indication of the kind of upbeat, though futile, search for love ahead of us. An enthusiastic Adams walked onto stage, greeting the audience with an energetic smile. Without wasting any time, the musician began strumming his guitar, speaking over chords in a sing-song manner.

Zack Adams (Photo Credit: Shane Adamczal)

Zack Adams: Love Songs for Future Girl is a series of anecdotes that come together in a coming of age story of love and heartbreak. Though initially devastated, Adams assures the audience that things do get better. The proof? I mean, here he is, only 10 years post-breakup, ready to talk about it.

Guiding his comedy with honesty, Adams’ songs are composed of the raw––and often immature––feelings experienced when our love-lives don’t quite go as planned. Whether it’s becoming too nervous to be coherent, making an embarrassing sex mistake, or projecting love for an ex onto a subsequent significant-other until they resemble them so much it’s almost impossible to distinguish the two, we’ve all been there! Or at least somewhere similar…Right?

Every girl from Adams’ past is called Lara, a humorous way of bringing together all the stories into one big failed relationship. She’s a lucky girl! One of my favourite songs in Zack Adams: Love Songs for Future Girl was an apology, dedicated to Lara, after her boyfriend ended their relationship because Adams was flirting with her. The comedian plays the line between genuinely feeling bad but also feeling kind of cocky about it. He warns the guys in the audience: “When you bring a girl to my show, there are no refunds, BITCH!”

Zack Adams (Photo Credit: Shane Adamczal)

Another highlight of the show was the song “How to Fuck Good.” Oh yes––this is where Adams really turned on the charm. Besides sharing very helpful sex tips with the audience, the number was also thoughtfully choreographed to reflect Adams’ lyrics: though he’s trying desperately to make sex enjoyable for his partner, his inability to last long and his subsequent loss of control are hilariously reflected in the way the music stumbles over, and over, and over itself, culminating in a sudden outburst of dissonant chords. At this point, Adams takes a break to retune.

Each of Adams’ numbers is a laugh-out-loud bit that reflects the extreme emotions and ridiculous situations we humans find ourselves in. Whether you are suffering from a freshly broken heart, unsure about your current crush, or eagerly searching for ‘the one’, Zack Adams has a song for you!

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Weeping Spoon Productions presents
“Zack Adams: Love Songs for Future Girl”
at the 29th St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival

Performances: June 7 – 16, 2019
Venue: 02 – Petit Campus
57 Prince-Arthur E. Montréal, H2X 1B4
Admission: $10 – 12 | Ages 18+
Box Office:
514.849.FEST (3378)

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Desiree Goldwater

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