Fringe Review: “Fairy Fails” soars with charming comedy


Meander in “Fairy Fails”
(Photo Credit: Alexandre Gemme)

Entering the room where Twinkles and Twirls’ Fairy Fails transpires feels like walking on the set of a fun children’s show: glitter, a puppet window, a xylophone on the floor, one lone chair and more glitter; but this is anything but a children’s show. Meander, also known as Dot Dot Dot of House of Laureen takes us on a fun, hilarious and absolutely adorable journey to a land where Princes exist, witches are real and magic permeates!

Meander’s first solo show is just spectacular. Through it, we root for him, we want him to fly, we want him to have all the good things he deserves. His charm is overpowering. From beginning to end, Meander engages his audience, through words, music, dance, risky mild stunts, audience interaction and superb use of a small space.

Meander in “Fairy Fails”
(Photo Credit: Alexandre Gemme)

We begin with an introductory dance routine, much like the one seen at Fringe-For-All, and from there are taken through obstacles and possible solutions to his flight plight including: finding a jumping off point only to fall on the ground, bringing out a small trampoline (which just scared me because safety), making friends with clouds, seeking out medical advice and finally, witchcraft. It is all utterly adorable nonsense in the best and fringiest way possible.

What makes Meander’s performance so incredibly special to me is not only his stage presence and storytelling but his expert ability to comedically and gracefully recover from his real or accidental foibles, fumbles and fails. Audiences love to watch performers “fail” on stage, it gives us a thrill, it makes us laugh and it humanizes the performer. Fairy or not, we want him to succeed both as a Fairy who wants to fly and as Meander; beloved performer.

Directed by Sam Jameson (The Man Behind the Curtain), Fairy Fails is a wild, hilarious and inclusive ride in a land of magic and wonder. Using the audience to move the story forward in a non invasive way, we are encouraged to ooooh and ahhh with the movement of the story’s timeline, following Meander’s trials and tribulations with real emotion. But it doesn’t stop there. In the earlier part of the show, we receive a demonstration of what prancing sounds like through the use of a xylophone, which I got to play, so that was fun. Meander also meanders through the crowd here and there to be comforted by audience members after tumbling over and over again in an attempt to fly.  

But the thing I loved most about this audience inclusion was the amount of respect he exhibited toward the audience members, he was very aware of consent and the fact that not everyone is on board to rub a butt or a foot or get sprayed by water. Audience participation can be challenging and when it’s done properly, it becomes this amazing shared experience by all. Meander plays on this expertly while never making us feel pressured or embarrassed.

The room was alive and bursting with energy, in part because Meander is so engaging and loveable (I mean, that pout) and in part because of this respect he showed us thus creating an atmosphere of mutual joy and love toward one another and that is just so very special. We were all in it together and that’s just beautiful.

This show is the Show & Tell of fairies: through many, many costume changes, while embodying a vast array of hilarious characters, pulling off a variety of stunts, and providing us with an unbridled empathy toward the man and the fairy, Fairy Fails is an all around complete show! 45 minutes of pure snort-worthy laughter and joy!

So if you, like Meander, wish to fly, Fairy Fails is the show for you. Just call 1-800-Fix-A-Fairy!

This show is for those who love to laugh at silly nonsense. It is for the less experienced Fringers who want to try something a little less traditional but that won’t scare them away. And it is for anyone who has always wanted to fly but couldn’t.

Twinkles and Twirls presents “Fairy Fails”
at the 29th St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival

Performances: June 6 – 16, 2019
Venue: 07 – Théâtre Impro Montréal
3697 Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H2X 2V7
Admission: $10 | Ages 16+
Box Office:
514.849.FEST (3378)

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Mylène Chicoine

2019 Fringe Reviewer at Montreal Theatre Hub
Mylène Chicoine has been involved in all things theatre since 2006. She has completed a B.Ed with a minor in theatre which she has since put to good use as writer, director, stage manager, producer, curator and superstar volunteer. She has graced the stage as an actor with Merlyn Productions in Winnipeg, debuted directing in Montreal with Point St Charles Players and produced her first stage play “We Accept Her: A Caravan Calamity” for the Montreal St Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival 2017. Her most recent accomplishment is founding and directing Le Festival de la Bête Noire: A Horror Theatre Festival. Fringe is her favourite time and she can be found every year at the Fringe park selling drink tickets. She is so excited to be a part of this year’s MTH review team; writing about what she loves most. Theatre!
Mylène Chicoine

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