Audition Notice: Little Black Rain Cloud Theatre seeks voice actors for immersive installation piece “Personal Space”

Audition Dates: June 17-19, 2019

Little Black Rain Cloud Theatre is seeking actors for its upcoming production, Personal Space, written and directed by Cicely Austin. The company is looking for performers of all ages and genders to voice dialogue for the show, which will run August 22-24. Auditions will be held from June 17-19.

To book an audition, please write your name next to one of the available timeslots in the Google Doc. Once you’ve reserved your time, please email your resume and contact info to Audition texts will the be submitted. Due to the nature of the piece, auditions will be held over the phone. (If that poses an issue for you, please email us and we will be happy to find an alternative solution.)

Audition slots:


Personal Space is an immersive installation piece that explores the difference between our public and private selves. We spend our most intimate moments in the privacy of our bedrooms, and let our secrets paint every corner. Who is the person behind the posters on the wall, or the clothes in the closet? What about the hidden diary entries, or the thrown-out receipts? Personal Space lets the audience explore the bedroom of a young woman and learn her story. As the physical space reveals her character, the voicemails left on her phone chime in periodically and guide the audience through the events leading up to this paused moment in time.

It’s the appeal of getting to know someone, really know them, without them being there.

**This is a non-union production and actors will be compensated via profit-share**

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