Call for Submissions: Infinithéâtre’s Playwrights’ Unit – Cohort 2019

Script submissions now being accepted from playwrights & artistic directors until June 14th

Are you a playwright who wants to take your script to the next level (or do you know someone who is?) Infinithéâtre’s THE UNIT offers 12-months of dramaturgical support so playwrights can take an early draft of their play and transform it into a production-ready script, culminating with a week of free staged readings at notable Montreal theatres where audience feedback takes centre stage.

In the fall of 2015, Infinithéâtre formed a play-driven dramaturgical group, the Québec English-Language Playwrights’ Unit aka, The Unit. The Unit prioritizes plays and projects that are slated for, or have a serious chance of being, programmed in future seasons in theatres across Canada. Infinithéâtre Artistic Director Guy Sprung is looking forward to forming the 2019 cohort of The Unit.

Past plays that went on to full productions after benefitting from participation in The Unit include: Crossing the Line by Patrick Pietrykowski, (Grove Hall – Huntington, Qc, 2016); Successions by Michaela Di Cesare (Centaur Theatre, 2018); Birthmark by Stephen Orlov (Teesri Duniya Theatre, 2018); and YEV by Alison Darcy & Joseph Shragge (Scapegoat Carnivale, 2019).

The Unit attempts to reflect, as much as is possible, the diversity, cultural, regional and generational richness of Québec’s English-language communities. Playwrights who become members of The Unit receive a stipend for their participation, and the year culminates with a week of free staged readings at notable Montreal theatres.

Attention all Québec & Indigenous playwrights:

  • Do you have a first draft of a play and would like a period of concentrated dramaturgical development to get it production-ready? 
  • Do you have the time and commitment to be part of a playwrights’ unit and meet once a month in a group setting over twelve months, starting in September 2019? 
  • If so, The Unit may be the right place for your play to achieve its potential 

Attention all Artistic Directors of English-language theatres across Canada: 

  • Has an early draft of a promising new play by a Québec playwright crossed your desk that you would program in coming seasons if it received proper dramaturgical development? 
  • The Unit might be the right place to help that play achieve its full potential  

Admission to The Unit will be decided by a selection committee made up of a cross-section of members of the English-Language theatre community of Québec. The Unit will be run by Infinithéâtre with input from the participating theatres who have a play in development. Playwright and dramaturge Alexandria Haber will be the Project Manager of The Unit. 

Playwrights – polish up that first draft and, if possible, find a theatre to sponsor you. Any English-language theatre across Canada is eligible to sponsor a playwright and their play. 

Artistic Directors – talk to the playwrights of those promising plays and decide if The Unit might be the right development home for it.  

Submissions will be accepted until June 14th, 2019.  Submissions must include a printed hard copy of the play, the writer’s CV, a cover letter and if possible, a letter of sponsorship from a theatre. 

MAILING ADDRESSInfinithéâtre, PO Box 76 Fairmount, Montréal, QC H2T 3E2

DROP OFFInfinithéâtre, 5413 St. Laurent #203, Montréal, QC H2T 1S5

For any questions: Contact Guy Sprung, Artistic Director, Infinithéâtre: | 514-987-1774

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